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A man who contracted HIV after sleeping with a prostitute then took to traveling the world infecting other women.

Simon McClure (38) a seemingly happily married man from Hemlington, Middlesbrough led a secret double life in which he travelled the world and slept with hundreds of women, what makes this more disturbing is that he was completely aware that he was an HIV carrier.

McClure was a frequent visitor to Thailand where it is thought that he contracted HIV after sleeping with a prostitute. After suffering from a number of symptoms, McClure visited his doctor who informed him that he had contracted the disease, and that he should not have sex with anyone without protection.

Ignoring his doctors advice it seems McClure took badly to contracting the disease, and began having unprotected sex with women in both UK (chiefly in Middlesbrough) and around the world. All the time his wife had no idea what was happening.

His offences came to light when a woman who cannot be named discovered she was infected with the disease while pregnant. This disease has not been passed on to infant.

Since 2006 and the time of diagnosis, McClure is said to have slept with up to 250 women, and police are urging victims to get in touch. In the meantime McClure was found guilty of grievous bodily harm against one victim for which he will serve a term in prison of 2 years and 8 months.