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Over 30 dead dolphins were found by police in the border Constanta approximately 30 kilometers of nets that the poachers had been extended to Turkish fishing vessel "Ahmed Canoglu" was diagnosed in late May in the exclusive economic zone of Romania, informs Mediafax.

A spokesman for the Border Police Inspectorate of Constanta County, Chief Commissioner Adrian Burca says that after the research activities on the spot, the area was first noticed on a Turkish fishing vessel were recovered turbot nets 502 monofilament nets and 80, with a total length of about 31 kilometers.

“In these nets have been uncovered as many as 33 dead dolphins. They also have been found and 46 samples of turbot, living, who were playing the marine environment, and another five rays were handled by a profile commercial exploitation, “said Adrian Burca, who said that since 2002, finds an increase in illegal actions in the border waters and exclusive economic zone of Romania, especially in the area with depths between 50 and 80 meters.

“During 2002 – June 2011 Romanian Border Police vessels were found, identified and detained 26 vessels, 19 and seven Turkish flag Bulgarian flag. Also, were detained over 1,200 nets for turbot, and amounts over discovered totaled over five tonnes of various species, with an approximate value of nearly 1.5 million, “he said Border Police spokesman Constanta.

According to him, the harmfulness of poaching activity is enhanced by the decimation of the population of dolphins in the Black Sea.

“During the reporting period, catches of dolphins recorded in Romanian seaside area totaling 157 specimens, and dolphin stranding cases totaled 451 specimens. The main causes of value mentioned have been the use of gillnets for turbot, with dimensions small mesh made of wire and larger diameter, as well as abandoned nets in the sea, the tool retains the ability to capture long periods, “said Burca.

Turkish fishing vessel “Ahmed Canoglu” to poach was caught on 27 May in the exclusive economic zone of Romania, was captured after a pursuit for several hours, exclusive economic zone of Bulgaria, and only after the border police from Constanta fired over 150 shots, and into the ship warning.

After the fishing vessel was intercepted, smoke and fire crew put the vessel’s engine compartment fire, and it sank. After being brought to Constanta and the people heard the law, the crew were repatriated, but the commander still being investigated for his actions in Romania.