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Russian media says about the disaster, attracting top national leaders.

The Smolensk disaster – not the first Polish Presidential aircraft Tu-154 incident.

Before a half years in December 2008, the Polish presidential visit to Mongolia at the time the aircraft was damaged, and Lech Kaczynski was forced to continue the trip provided a route to Japan, the charter flight.

After this incident, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that it was necessary to buy a new board president, who should be completely safe. However, this idea was implemented on Saturday recalls.

Within half a year before the Mongol incident in the summer of 2008, the Polish leader traveled to Georgia. Then, despite a direct order Kaczynski, the Tbilisi airport, the pilots refused to fly in an airplane, which flew at once 5 presidents. The aircraft successfully landed in neighboring Azerbaijan.

Polish leader was then to punish unruly ardent pilots, but they defended the country’s Defence Minister Bogdan Klich.

As “Rusija24″ over the past nearly 30 years was five aviakatastrofos with the death of the first people.

1981 May 24 killed in Ecuador’s President Chaim Roldosas Agilera, accident causes have remained undisclosed. Air Force aircraft, which flew at his head, Reze the mountains near the border with Peru. Ecuador’s government has tried to interpret the disaster as a pilot error.

1986 October 19, crashed Tu-134 airplane, which flew the Mozambican president Samora Machel. It happened on the way home from Zambia. The crash occurred after the crew strayed off course and in the territory of the Republic of South Africa Reze the mountain. Together with the President of Mozambique, killing 39 more people.

August 17, 1988, the day of a military aircraft crashed in Pakistan, С-130 Hercules. It flew the national armed forces commander and prime minister – Zija ul Haka. He grįžinėjo to Islamabad.

Approaches to the capital of Pakistani aircraft suddenly became out of control and žnegtelėjo ground. Specialists version: internally executed sabotage or terrorist act.

April 6, 1994, the day near the airport in Rwanda missile surface-to-air “was shot down aircraft, which flew not only the president Juvenal Habyarimana state, but the Burundian leader Cyprien Ntaryamira. Both presidents and all other persons who were killed together flew.

February 2004 killed 26 Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski. His plane crashed 10 kilometers from Mostar (Bosnia) of the city. Immediately after the tragedy brought its various versions. According to one of them, death due to the fact that it was sharply down the area where the remaining mines from the war years 1992-1995. However, subsequent investigation revealed that the crash was due to pilot error.