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It is now dangerous for Jews to travel to Sweden.

Simon Wiesenthal Center has issued a recommendation for Jews not to travel to Southern Sweden and in particular Malmö. This is due to all of the harassments and incidents that have occurred there. Despite reports to the police no one has been arrested for the crimes and now the situation in Malmö is evaluated to be dangerous for Jews who are dressed in a way that it is possible to see that they are Jews.

The Rabbi of Malmö, Rabbi Shneur Kesselman, is still determined to stay and continue his work for the community. The question is how long Jews can stay in Sweden and if this negative trend will turn around for the better. Most attacks come from people of Middle Eastern descent.

Sweden used to be a liberal place known for its beautiful nature and open-minded mentality. Perhaps it is this liberal open-minded mentality that will finally lead to the complete destruction of the country.

Jews of Sweden, get out of there!