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Prague High Court on Monday acquitted of shooting a pair of Russians in Prague, Paris Street Armenian Artur Amirchanjana. He faced charges of attempted murder, obstructing an officer and illegal possession of arms.

The Senate and the Supreme Court reached a different view than that earned the Prague City Court, which last September ordered Amirchanjanovi prison at 13.5 years. Monday’s sentence is final, it is only possible to appeal to Supreme Court.

At the corner of Paris and in Prague Kostecna afternoon shooting 8th March 2008. The aim of the shooting became a trio of Russians. The incident apparently was probably related to the enforcement of protection money extortion by criminal groups from the former Soviet Union.

According to the indictment attacked Amirchanjan who first fired at least two blows to the men and dvaatřicetiletého prostřelil his left forearm. Then, according to the file at least twice třiačtyřicetiletého fired at the man but did not touch. Third, plaintiffs pětadvacetiletému men under fire, causing comminuted fracture of the femur and the bullet hole left and right leg.

Amirchanjan denies his guilt. They claim that the time of the shooting was not at all in the Czech Republic, District Court Prague 5 it is punished in June 2004 for robbery with expulsion for a period of ten years.

After shooting the man disappeared and police it led to criminal proceedings against a fugitive. Based on an international arrest warrant was finally arrested in February last year in Ukraine.