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Our world is becoming more and more violent. Violence is spreading all over – from home to schools,colleges,offices and the society at large.People are becoming impatient, intolerant,restless,disturbed and often violent. They often take arms in their hands and become involved in unlawful activities, killing innocent people and destroying public properties.

 World is changing very fast.The population is increasing steadily. China and India’s population itself comprises 1/3 of the world population out of 170 odd countries of the world. There are famines, and starvations in mant African nations killing hundreds and thousands of children every year.recent Refugee camps in Kenya has sent a shock wave in the world. These are our everyday misery causing mental agony that the manking suffers so much that they have only one way to go – to embrace only death silently. The world remains as the silent spectators.

 Disparity between the very rich and poor has been increasing, creating dissatisfaction in the minds of have-nots, which is the root cause of many different social unrests and perhaps is the mother of even terrorism in the World.

If we look at the history we find that the World was almost always ruled over by the mighty,powerful and the rich. There was a time when the world was ruled by the Monarchs, Emperors, Military rulers, and also by the Feudal lords, Raja, Maharaja, and Zaminders in various parts of the World. As a result, both power and Wealth were concentrated in the mighty and powerful hands. Although the rich wer showing some vague reasonse a minority and the poor were a majority in almost every society, the rich used to run the country by their own might and military. The poor were tortured, brutally attacked, sometimes killed if and when they showed any disobedience to their rulers. The properties of the poor used to be taken away,snatched by power and those people were treated as servants and maids.The agents of the rulers used to take away the women  and daughters of those families which did not obey their designs, were tortured and raped ,sometimes even killed.

We have kept behind us such socities long ago. At the dawn of Nineteenth century and more so during the Twentieth century things started changing very fast in the World. More and more People started realizing that such type of Governing system must be changed. They preferred opting for People’s Government, where they would have a role to play, they would have their voices heard, they would get justice, and rules of law would be established in the society. They started dreaming for the estabishment of Democracy in their country. We see that is happening in the middle eastern countries like Yemen Egypt, Syria, and in several otrhers. 

When the people became more and more concious about their own rights, they concentrated on establishing their own kind of societies. Peoples movement created two types of societies- Democratic and Communist cum Socialistic societies. But where people’s voices were forcefully crumbled down by power,military regime came along in several parts of the World. Although with lot of hopes people brought in Communist regimes in some countries of the world,the rulers there became autocratic like the military regimes in course of time and concentrated their entire powers to subjugate the people by their military powers. The power were concentrated in the hands of a few leaders. They ruled over their countries by their large military,and ruthlessly eliminated all those who could not support them.
There were no freedom and liberty of open and free expression. and freedom of  speech.The press within their control and was publishing only only one-sided views and opinions and had to praise always those who ruled over the nation. They had no power to oppose. If they were ever trying to oppose the rulers and /or their actions and deeds, they were severely punished. This went on for several decades.

In the mean time we have seen more and more countries of the World got liberated. Democracies were established in many nations.  People started enjoying the freedom they wanted, they have had now powers in their hands; they can speak freely,work freely, think freely and act freely; there is the  rule of law and justice.The Government that they have created themselves by majority votes to bring them  to power was expected to bring them good so that they could live happily in a peaceful society. They expected that their own Government would look after them squarely.
But things started going in the  wrong direction once in a while.  As long as things were within their limits, people tried to adjust them. When they used to see injustice is being done to any, they protested, even showed their angers in some form or other. But all that mostly without causing any harm to anybody.

As the ruling parties became one -eyed, and partial , disparity and dissatisfaction  increased in the society. The wealthy people,concentrated more wealth in their custody.They did not care about others.  They started considering others as their servants and workers, serving them in their houses, in their fields and in their industries to promote their businesses. All that were only to increase further their wealth. When the rich and wealthy found that it was getting tougher in their own country to exploit the people any more, they preferred to go to other countries to get things done cheaply; increasing only their personal profit margins.On many occasions, they even hired foreigners at a cheaper salary. This caused more and more unemployment in their own countries.This paved the way of racial feelings primarily among those who are jobless for months/yearssome get .This caused frustrations in the young minds. They got themselves involved in many types of wrong-doings; some becomes mindless, mad and lunatic.
 As a result some get distracted from the lawful path and get involved in destructive activities like what we have recently seen in OSLO. Norway
This incident has sirred the minds of millio,ns of people all around the world.
Almost one hundred innocent people, mostly the young and the bright died
immaturely.But the humanity will always ask the question for whom they had to die; For what they were kille of frustrations and intolerance brewing in our societiesd mercilessly? What big purpose this will serve to any. Perhaps nothing at all. People who do this kind of thing, they do not realize that it cannot serve any purpose. These are nothing but madness- a simple  lunatic activity;mankind will not excuse them ever.

Unfortunately we hear and  see such kind of things from here,there and almost everywhere;sometimes from purely unexpected quarters, as we have recently observed in  Norway and now in London. Did anybody even imagine about such incidents taking place in London and Oslo. .These a – the politicians,the socialre nothing but expression.   People who think about the societies – the politicians, the sociologists, the philosophers have to come forward to correct the ills of the societies to bring peace and harmony in our societies, otherwise

there could be more and more undesirable happenings disturbing the peace and tranquility of the society.

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