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For the conflict opens the Constitutional Court, which unanimously agreed to demand the return of powers to Tinum.

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The conflict over the change of venue from the municipal authority to Pisté Tinum paralyzed for almost 20 hours to one of the Seven Wonders of the World on Thursday and yesterday as thousands of local and foreign visitors Chichen Itza went receives serious difficulties to enter the archeological zone.

Wonder of the World declared the July 7, 2007, Chichen Itza was strangled late Thursday from the main access roads and it was not until yesterday morning when dozens of riot police reopened the roads and highways marshals, a few steps from the archaeological site. 

The main tourist attraction was almost paralyzed Yucatan as disgruntled groups blocked its access road and, thus, suspended the commercial and tourist activity: the tourists were forced to walk miles and enter one of the side access. The protests also prevented the free movement of hundreds of trucks with goods and food to supply both the Yucatan and Quintana Roo. 

The control was restored at noon, with the intervention of special groups of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the Federal Police.

While this was happening in Merida opened the Constitutional Court of the State, which unanimously ruled that the council remove the powers of the marshals and returned to the municipal Tinum.

The judges indicated the Mayor Evelio My Tun, extraction PAN incurred in bringing an unconstitutional municipal powers to the police station (where he lives), because only Congress has the power to do so at the express request and then meet certain requirements . 

 It was the latest chapter in a local political conflict, which began five months ago and escalated on Thursday with a day of stress that included arrests, protests, road closures and even gunfire.

For more than 20 hours, roads that pass through track was blocked. Long lines formed freight and paralyzed economic activity in that precinct. Restaurants, hotels and shops wore empty, while large groups of people guarding the entrances to the town.

Without doubt, the most affected site was Chichen Itza. The tourists had to leave their vehicles outside the inhabited area and walked several miles to the historic site. Visitors to the elderly or disabled were left with the desire to know the wonder of the world, and there were few who accepted the challenge to the people “if they cross it at your own risk.”

Throughout the conflict was not arrested . Directors and officers of the PRI and PAN have reached an agreement and the mayor went to tracks, where he directed a message to the villagers, who stressed that the Court’s ruling will not stop its plans to build the station in the town 107. 

Term 30 days

  • The Court granted 30 days to return to the council Tinum, failing, council members could be prosecuted.
  • Also set aside the meeting of 14 March when the council approved the change of venue Powers of Tinum on track.
  • Congress filed a constitutional challenge against the community because it violated the competence of the legislature.

Mayor anticipates that a resolution will not abide

Despite the decision of the Court of the State to restore the power at the head Municipal Tinum, Mayor Evelio My Tun said he did not return and gave the excuse that no one guarantees their physical security for shipping in the Town Hall.

Yesterday in an interview, My Tun said the 40 municipal police are insufficient to personal safety, so it will not return to the county seat of Tinum “because then I expect to hit me 70 PRI.”

He acknowledged that behind the group of people who last week asked Congress to declare the state court as the 107 city of Yucatan.

“I suggest that track is city because otherwise the problems will never run out Tinum, both peoples are always fought,” he said.

“Citizens and commissioners Xcalacoop, Track and San Francisco are managing to municipality track is to change the destination and no more problems, I’m thinking that is independent of Tinum Piste, so everyone can govern without problems, “he said.

He said that until state authorities to ensure their safe return Tinum, so said he would not abide by the instructions of the court.

He said he only goes to City Hall for council meetings, but will now not return until to ensure their protection. “Whenever I go into session at City Hall the PRI we are locked in place, no one sent earlier protection.”

He refused

  • Until a few days, the mayor denied he had changed Tinum the head of your municipality to track where you live.

Call on Tun My abide Court ruling.

Once the Constitutional Court gave the legal right to the State Congress, the president of the Governing Board and Policy Coordination, Mauricio Rivero Sahuí called Tinum Mayor Evelio My Tun, to comply with the ruling and return the seat of City Council at the head. 

He noted that the Legislature provide hard evidence during the appeal process that promoted constitutional controversy, after the mayor changed the town hall to the track and it was demonstrated that the mayor violated the spheres of competence. 

PRI deplores the events in Piste 

The PRI repudiated the incidents perpetrated yesterday in Piste, Tinum station, the PAN mayor Evelio My Tun, who “publicly denied using force unlawfully imprisoned two councilors, one of the PRI, and subjected to torture and abuse in total violation of human rights. “ 

He said that despite the inauguration edilicia Diego Dzib Mazun René (PRI) and Benita Ceme Noh (PAN), the mayor arrested them and beat. The PRI claimed that present appropriate legal action to denounce “this irresponsible episode the mayor Tinum PAN.” 

PAN alleged lack of support from the SSP 

Given the facts recorded in Tinum, PAN condemned the lack of support from the Ministry of Public Security to ensure the physical integrity of the Yucatan involved. 

The PAN said Mayor Evelio My Tun went on Thursday to dispatch from its offices in the Municipal Tinum, but fans of Roberto Rodriguez Azaf deputy and clerk, Jose Ines Uitzil Kumul, besieged the building armed with sticks and preventing output of the first mayor. “The PRI Tinum closed the entrances to the grounds to come PAN from track to defend the mayor.”