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The 8.8 scale earthquake that struck Chile a few days ago has now done something previously unseen: It’s decelerated our planet!

The recent quake that occurred in Chile just a few days ago has been one of the most powerful ever recorded on our planet’s history, and has managed to destroy a great part of the mainland, covering up to 200 miles in it’s wake, a type of destruction which will take up to more than two weeks to clean the debris.

It has killed more than 700 people in the country between the quake itself and the considerable downpours caused by it. It’s caused a massive movement in the Earth’s plates, setting off a tsunami with a scale big enough to threaten the national security of over 53 nations. It’s even affected the already critical worldwide economy by destroying Chile’s metal extraction mines, cutting off the globe’s biggest exporter.

But unfortunately, the biggest consequence is yet to come: The NASA has officially determined that due to this powerful earthquake, and the enormous shift in the Earth’s mass caused by it, has permanently altered the Planet’s Axis!

Normally, the plates that make up the Earth’s surface move at a constant rate, changing the balance of overall mass temporally. But to move the overall spatial position of the whole planet requires a massive amount of energy.

The exact change in the axis is of about 3 inches and due to this, the day is reduced by about 1.26 microseconds. Both of these measures are incredibly small, and would require very specific equipment to determine. Nonetheless, we are witnesses to the amazing power of Nature.