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Its been two weeks since the tunnel and a copper gold mine trapped 33 miners in Copiapó, Chile.

     On August 4,2010, 33 miners were trapped in a copper and gold mine, 800 km above sea level. Even though the original number was 34, it turns out that the 34th miner who was supposedly trapped had actually left work early the day of the tragedy.The mine is located in the region of Atacama, 45 kilometers northeast of Copiapó, Chile, with low temperatures at night.  Chile is the first copper producer country in the world and accidents like these are not uncommon, especially in the north zone. Several deaths have been reported since 2006 in the mines. Families and friends of the miners await in hope that the miners will appear again.  They have formed camps, trail homes etc around the mine in order to help the rescuers however they can. Rescuers and their machinery have only come to 300 meters below the ground, and still have a long way to go in order to get in contact with the 33 miners. Unfortunately, rescuers will have to wait months and months in order to rescue them. A camera captured images of the mines and the complexity of it. Although it was thought the camera caught images from 500 meters beneath the ground, it turns out the miners are actually trapped further beneath.