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What Al-Quaida and Bin Laden were unable to do, was done overnight by an Icelandic volcano – grounding Europe’s air fleet.

Iceland is hardly ever in the news. Perhaps it has always been a white spot on the map – excuse the pun!

Except for the occassional Bobby fisher chess matches and scandals, the Icelanders get little or no excitement when it comes to world news. however this thime they really blew it, literraly Blew it!!!!

A volcano that errupted in March this year has gotten nasty and spurred megatons of ash into the atmosphere, paralizing the European air routes. Virtually paralizing world travel as a whole because air passengers world wide use the likes of London, Frankfurt, Paris, Munnich to transfer to other long haaul flights.

But because the region has been prociamed a no-flight-zone there are more emotions flying around than aluminum birds. Airport communications are saying that the ash cloud shouldn’t last long, perhaps a day or two ! My foot, there’s a whole lot more ash coming from where the currents clouds were born, so it may even take weeks before any decent descent takes place for the uplift of business and tourism again.

The irony of the  chaos is that religious sects are now using the volcano issue for ‘prophetic’ speeches, the end is nigh ! I was surprised to see a scientist on a monitoring plane hold a satellite picture of the ash cloud. from he angle it was shown on TV, you could see a ‘demonic face’ in the cloud patterns.

Well what ever, the Icelanders are the ones I pitty the most because their experts say that the current eruption may be the first of a chain reaction that is expected to trigger a much bigger volcano just up the glacier avenue from the smaller one now on fire. When that makes a bang, we may see the entire island evacuated.

Airports as far as Johannesburg have issued warning to citizens not to attempt to fly to Europe, especially London. After all, even if you’re living on the South Pacific Ocean’s island group of Mamanuca – one thing for certain, at least your general knowledge in geography will improve because someone will tell you where Iceland is and what’s happening there now…

Safe landing, if your reading this waiting to board your next flight at one of the world’s major airports