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In many website, there are download links are available as- Bangladeshi model Shokh Scandal video, Shokh scandal video free download, Shokh sex video etc. But main fact is that is it true? Did her boyfriend bamboozle her? And expose their sex video.

In the video first we could see a female. There is a doubt about the video model.  But the video quality is very poor. It is quite same as Shokh. But the female is not Bangladeshi model Shokh. The female is seems like as Arabic or Middle East women. Her face is more similar to Shokh. But the female looks like natural fairer and her smile and teeth are not same as Shokh. And the girl of the video looks healthy but Shokh looks thin.

The women of the video.

Original photo of Shokh. Is it similar to the above?

I don’t think so and many people will agree with me. Two pictures are two different women. The hole video is 2 minute long. But the interesting thing is that the face of the man are not shown in the video. The video is totally unattractive and the video was taken form Cellphone.

So, the video is a fake one and don’t believe it. If you want to download it, link is here -