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A group of people to probe the high civilizations of the past. Is there a pyramid hidden in the hills?

Mount Lalakon – Bandung

The sun barely above the crown, while four cars pulled over on the edge of Highway Cipatik Soreang-, mid-February 2011. That afternoon, Badaraksa village located on the hillside, the arrival of guests.

The group climbed down a small street in the middle of residential areas, were heading to the summit of Mount Lalakon, located in the village of Jelegong, Kotawaringin district, Bandung regency.

From the village Badaraksa located at an altitude of about 720 m above sea level, they rushed up around the hill from the south to west.

The team consists of a group of young men and the researchers, finally reached the peak as high as 988 meters above sea level.

Cable is being extended and the team began installing Geo-electric equipment they carry. Some 56 sensors that are fitted with altimeter (gauge height) strung from the top of the hill down the slope, each five meters.

The tools function to detect the level of rock resistivity, and can be used to analyze the structure of the density of rock hundreds of meters down. “Our goal was to know whether there are buildings hidden in the mountains,” said Agung Bimo Sutedjo (Founder Turangga Seta Foundation).

Their arrival to Mount Lalakon in order to prove their theory, that there are a number of pyramids in Indonesia. One of the initial information obtained from their interpretation of the reliefs of the Penataran temple.

Turangga Seta believes that Indonesian culture is older than the Sumerian culture, Egypt, or Mayan. They believe Indonesia has a temple or a pyramid site much more and more magnificent than the Egyptian and Mayan civilizations.

“There are hundreds of pyramids in Indonesia, and height not less than the pyramids of Giza in Egypt that only 140-meter,” said Agung. Although yet to be tested scientifically, Agung views in line with the theory of Professor Arysio Santos, who said Indonesia is the lost civilization of Atlantis.

This belief of course, make a lot of people frowned. Turangga Seta had tried posting their beliefs about the existence of pyramids in Indonesia in an online forum complete with photographs. As a result, they reap the scorn and ridicule.

After geo-electric testing at Mount Lalakon, the researchers who come together Agung stunned. They are not just any researcher. They are a top researcher. Some are experts’ renowned geologists, who no doubt his credibility.

At least, their admiration was immortalized in a video tape of the team Turangga Seta. “So far I have never found the subsurface structure like this. This Unnatural,” said geologist whose face was often seen on various TV stations.

In geomorphologies, Mount Lalakon form in Bandung and Mount Sadahurip in Garut has a shape similar to the pyramid. They have four sides are almost symmetrical.

Mount Sadahurip – Garut