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Libyan rebels advancing towards the west country. They took over another city.

Oil terminal at Ras Lanuf, eastern Libya, it was Sunday morning under the control of Libyan rebels AFP.

While Colonel Ghaddafi beat the retreating forces, does not weaken the international coalition attacks. Chain bombings were held last night. A portion of 400 km, the road from the Ajdabiya Sirte, was heavily bombed.Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi loyal forces had taken control of the city from insurgents Ras Lanuf on 12 March.

Ghaddafi’s people have said, and this time, as many civilians died in the attack and described the attack as an act of “criminal, immoral and illegal.” But this information was contradicted by Robert Gates, U.S. Secretary of Defense, in a CBS interview with AFP.

He said that the forces of Colonel Muammar Kadhafi placed corpses of their victims in places bombed the international coalition forces to make them believe it’s the civilians killed by the allies. ” We have many intelligence reports according to which bodies move Kadhafi people he killed to put them in places they’ve attacked in November , “said Gates.

Supported by international forces, the rebels managed to take over the town yesterday Ajdabiya, then conquering the city and Brega, located 240 km from Benghazi.

Ghaddafi regime admitted that air raids have forced government troops to the west.

Ajdabiya scale represents a victory for the rebels. Even the fact that just two weeks ago, missed the town’s forces against military intervention hastened Ghaddafi Western community.

Ghaddafi’s troops continue to attack but to Misra. Fires were still stopped when coalition aircraft flew over the city. In addition, French forces announced they had destroyed at least five military planes and two helicopters to the military base Misra.

Leadership of NATO operations in Libya will be taken, most likely, the Canadian General Charles Bouchard.

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