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Saif al-Islam, son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in an interview with The New YorkTimes he had his family reached an agreement with what he described as Islamistswho are fighting the system and his father within the ranks of the rebels, noting that the agreement aims to eliminate what he called the secular opposition.

Saif al-Islam said that Alagafa dislodge the Islamists from prison was a mistake(Reuters - Archive)

While previously Saif al-Islam and his father that the edifice that the Islamists are the ones who are leading the opposition in Libya, said Gaddafi’s son during an interviewwith the newspaper in Tripoli - a traditional dress, and holds beads in his hand - thathe described as the rebels lay ”flee all of them or be killed.”

He pointed out that talks with one of the leaders of the Islamists in the east of the country Salaabi which in turn assured the New York Times that he held talks with Saif al-Islam already, without indicating whether the Islamists have already allied themselves with the Colonel, who has ruled for more than four decades.

As Seif al-Islam then declared in the interview that the Islamists are “the real powerson the ground”, adding that he knows that they are “terrorists” and Dmoaon, not goodpeople, but he must accept them.

Shift masks
The New York Times reported that Saif al-Islam tried to exploit what he described the differences that occurred in the ranks of the “rebels” since the killing of field commander of the National Transition Council, Major General Abdel Fattah Younes amid mysterious circumstances.

He said that things began to unfold the truth in parts of Libya and that the removal of all masks, stressing that it will announce an agreement and the Islamists in Tripoli and Benghazi in a matter of days, and explaining that “we will have peace during Ramadan.”

He said the Islamists took control of the city of Derna, east of Libya and set up the active-like activity of the Islamists in Pakistan, said that the tuber is the “Waziristan, on the Mediterranean Sea,” and he had reached an agreement with local Islamists to allow them to make the region “an Islamic area such as the Mecca.”

As for the United States and other nations that recognized the Transitional National Assembly, noted the paper that Saif al-Islam by saying that calling them “a lot of idiots around the world.”

As for the Islamists, adding the son of Gaddafi as he had brought them out of prison and they are friends, but he said that to drive them out of prison was a mistake in light of their role in bringing about the revolution in the country.

Saif al-Islam and rejected during the interview to discuss his role or the role of his father in the future of Libya, saying that something that comes after peace talks with the Islamists.

Although the rebels approached the Libyans in their advance from the capital, Tripoli, Seif al-Islam insisted in the interview to say “We are more united, more comfort, more confidence, and the rebels, so they miss out every day.”
Source: New York Times