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And why it may lead to another deadly war in Middle East.

Mainstream media continue reporting the uprising in Syria as a “fight for democracy,” but the reality there is not that simple.  We all know what happened in Egypt and Syria is not that much different. President Assad is a brutal dictator and there is no doubt about it, but what Syria will get if his regime falls is not a democracy in the way we understand it in the West.    

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What we are witnessing in Syria is a religious struggle, not civil or political freedom movement. Bashar Assad is a Shia Muslim leader with close political ties with Iran in the country where the majority of people are Sunni Muslims. At one point in history Damascus was the seat of Sunni caliphate, so it is an offense to Sunnis to have a Shia leader dominating Syria. Sunni victories thanks to the backing they got from the West and (Sunni) Arab League encouraged Sunnis in Syria to rise against Assad regime.

 Now that Iran is about to acquire atomic weapons, the Sunni Muslim states are all afraid of its dominance in the region. This is why they support the Sunni Muslim uprising against Assad. If the uprising was to be successful, Iran would lose an important strategic ally and it will do anything in its power to prevent that from happening.

 It is very possible that this uprising will spark a war in Middle East and the rest of the world will be directly or indirectly pulled into this conflict as well. It might play out in two ways.  Iran and Syria could start a war against Israel in order to make all Muslims unite against common enemy, as Muslim Brotherhood now effectively ruling Egypt and Libya is also hostile to the Jewish state and committed to free Palestinians from Israeli “occupation” of once Muslim land, or the blood bath in Syria will force Arab League and the West to attack Syria. That in turn would cause both Iran and Russia to enter the war as well, which would not be a good prospect either. Only the future will show, which direction the events are going to take, but it doesn’t look good for anyone involved.

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