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The Secret Shop on Top of the Atlas Mountain – Morocco. The city still had its old mystic, incense and smoke crawled its way through the air.

The Secret Shop on top of the Atlas Mountain – Morocco

A true story from my life (from December 2010) my mother and father and I took a private trip to a local city which lies up in the Atlas Mountains. The city is one of Morocco’s oldest, having been a popular trading place on the industrial routes more than 500 years ago.

Actually something I experienced last year around Christmas, in my father’s family’s country. And I am baffled even to this day….

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The city still had its old mystic, incense and smoke crawled its way through the air. The local transportation consists of Camels, donkeys and horses, but the bike cycle was also in use. The streets in this city are narrow and long, no car would fit in. For outsiders it can seem like a maze.

We went into the local suck in this town in the Atlas Mountain, where I, like I always do, began to walk steadfast. It was a big suck marked and there were many ways to go, many corridors leading somewhere else. I just walked not really looking at anything, more just scanning for something.

[Back at the hotel a thought had struck me; since astronomy descends from the Arabic people, hereby I am referring to the Astrolabe. I thought maybe I could find an affordable astrolabe from the old days - Noting that it was a very old town that we were going to visit.]

I walked left and I walked right around corners, and everything was too modern for what I was searching for. Even in a remote Atlas mountain town, will you be hunted by brands as Gucci and all the others.

I was looking for that one old shop, that would have survived since almost the beginning, every city or town has one, especially in places that have been around for many centuries.

We had been walking for 40 min or so, actually we had reached the very end of the suck. One corridor lead out of the suck but the other corridor caught my interest. It did not look like the other corridors we had passed through. I was drawn to it even more because there were some magnificent tree work, such as a bench, with almost Viking like style, very intriguing, yet there were only a couple of the locals there, no one else.

The Secret Shop on top of the Atlas Mountain – Marocco

I went towards the shop, and at first I was a little bit confused, because what I went into was a carpet shop, not really what I had expected from the outside display… Suddenly a man came cheerful as ever, “welcome Welcome to my shop”. I smiled and moved towards the door, the man stopped me and asked me if I was looking for carpets, which I kindly replied no to. I told him that I thought the shop had something different, than carpets, I told him that I had seen the tree objects out side. He light up, oh yes that is my other shop, and he said “Come here and I will show you”. He took me under the arm and led me through the door which he had come from, and I cannot even come close to explaining that experience. It was like… man I have said this a lot… walking back into time… It was filled with very old objects, it had that magical touch about it. It was completely opposite in look from the carpet shop that we came from. The carpet part was filled with colours and this very light feeling to it, but this shop was very dim almost ghost like. The shop owner told me that these were things from very long ago, he then went to show me a Quran from 2000 years ago, handwritten, and there were than one of those. It was amazing, I just walked around like in a completely enchanted way.

I told him that I was looking for a astrolabe, he smiled and said yes I have two here. He showed them to be, and I was in awe, they were very old, but also to heavy for any flight. I told him that they might be too heavy for the baggage limits, sadly. But I still asked for the price and I was dump struck 18.000 euro.. Hot dam, aint the cash that I am walking around with. He told that it was many hundred years old, and I smiled and replied, do you anything new then? *lol* he got it, I told him this was way beyond my means. I then walked around, there were daggers, wands, everything for a supernatural movie ;)

Meanwhile another man that was a friend of the owner had come in, he stood in the corner. Then he walked over to me, and said we also have another shop which you should see, and there we also have these astrolabes. His English was like oxford English almost perfect, even the accent, it was remarkable, not normal in a mountain town. He seemed extremely educated, so I grabbed my parents and followed suit. And I would never regret it, even thou people should not just follow strangers.

What he showed us, was what you can see on the picture at the beginning of this little story. It was really Aladins Treasure. Not only that, it was where the old president of France shopped a lot. I was baffled, coming from a small narrow dirt road into a castle of riches which were from the ancient days.
It was truly a wonder by itself.

Article written by Karima Lachtane

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