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The Reaction and Retaliation in the Middle-East.

There is an uproar in the Middle-East over a recent film made by an American–which criticizes the prophet Mohammed. If you do not understand how such an uproar can be caused by a film that criticizes a prophet, just imagine someone creating a film that insults and ridicules someone you have a lot of faith in. The person is made to look like a fool and any of the followers or friends of the person is also ridiculed.

However, the retaliation from the people in the Middle-East is fascinating. People are creating public protests and committing violent and deadly crimes to show their disapproval of the film. They say that all the commotion is an effect of the film, yet why should this be the retaliation?

How can a civilization be so upset over a film made by a single person? Do the Muslim Community not know how to protest peacefully?

With the uproar in the Middle-East, the US government will have to react sooner rather than later. My hope is that they do not send soldiers in to be killed. Instead, the government should remove all US citizens out of the countries that are in an uproar, and stop all funds that are sent to these countries. If they want to create a religious war over a film, let them fight each other.

How are religious wars still a problem in today’s society? We should not be having these kinds of problems. Can the countries of the world not understand that we are all different, but we are all HUMAN. We all see things differently, but can we not understand that we should respect each individual’s opinion. Hopefully, the reaction from the US government shows this understanding, but time will tell.