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For many people in the West it is not easy to understand why provocative action of some fringe pseudo Christian group would cause such a violent reaction half way across the world.

 Certainly the pastor who burned the Koran and posted the video of it on YouTube had no idea what he is getting himself and indeed the entire western world into. To mostly uneducated common Muslims in countries such as Afghanistan, or Pakistan this act was nothing short of declaring a “holy war” on Islam and radical clerics there are not shy to use this video to incite more violence that could lead to all out war.

 To these people the Koran is not just holy book inspired by God like Bible to Christians, but it is the collection of the very Word of Allah dictated word for word to their prophet Mohammed. Therefore, the act of burning it was so much more  than just offensive to them, and the fact that it was done by a religious leader who calls himself a Christian made automatically all Christians the very enemies of God worthy of death.

 We must also understand that to common Muslims in Afghanistan every single westerner is a Christian. They do not think in terms of individualism like we do, and they do not separate religion from politics like we do.

 That is why it’s just a matter of time for many other radical Muslim groups and the theocratic government of Iran to pick up on this controversy, especially if Pastor Terry Jones goes ahead with his plan of putting Islam’s prophet on symbolic trial next.

 There could be riots organized by Muslims all over the world, not only in Middle East, and many more people, especially Christians could die as a result. It is because radical Muslims in Africa and Middle East already feel threatened by millions of Muslims who leave Islam by becoming Christian every year due to the Christian gospel message spreading there through Internet and Television. Now, the Koran burning stunt adds even more fuel to the raging fire.

 And while Jesus charged His followers to preach His good news of salvation to all nations, He did not encourage them to burn their holy books.  Though, most Christians for this very reason do not agree with actions of Pastor Jones, radical Muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere do not know that because their clerics do not want tell them about it.

 Most Muslims in Middle East and Africa are not like moderate Muslims in Europe, USA, and Canada. They are radicals. The people in the West and western leaders must begin to realize that. Leaders like US President Barack Obama have to stop pretending that they are dealing with a fringe Islamist movement over there.

 Their ignorance of the way these people think is the very reason why both the war in Afghanistan and Iraq became such a fiasco, and I fear that the situation might become worse if they do not change their approach.

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