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Paper newspapers just can’t keep up with technology.

Unless you live in a cave you have probably read a newspaper before, since they have been around since the seventeenth century and have played a huge role in our daily lives. If you are old enough you might remember your dad sipping coffee and reading the front page of your local newspaper, not knowing that newspaper printing would start to come to a decline. You might not like the word decline but lets face it physical newspaper’s are becoming outdated as years roll on, thanks to the invention of the Internet. So what are newspaper company’s doing to stay healthy? Well to keep printing costs down Newspaper companies are resulting to electronic Newspaper’s to stay above water, thanks to the rising tides of the Internet. So Will the Internet wipe out newspaper’s? I think the short answer is No since newspaper’s can be read in digital form. Although , I do predict that in 10-15 years we will see paper newspapers become obsolete, in the since that newspaper companies will result to on line newspaper’s or an electronic newspaper available via the newspaper company’s website. Overall, newspapers have been around along time but it just might be time to put those newspapers in digital form to keep up with the rising tides of technology.