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Jagbani is a very popular Punjabi newspaper which is published in Punjab, India. It is printed around 3, 00,000 of copies daily. The Punjab Kesari Group first launched Punjabi Jagbani Newspaper on July21, 1978.

 At that time a lot of Punjabi dailies were available. But all of them followed particular political parties or religions. But Jagbani was always in neutral position. And still now, Jagbani has created its own place in the society. It has a wide range of readership base among a lot of people. Even today Jagbani is said to be the basic foundation as well as a revolution in Punjabi journalism. Punjabi Jagbani Newspaper is one of the best ever regional dailies written in Punjab language. You can find almost every incident of current days in Punjab here. It also highlights the important events of the month. The statistics provided by this newspaper is said to be the most trusted one. You can never think of newspaper only news on regional concern. It has separate section which used to highlight the top international and national news. This newspaper has online version too. If you are in abroad, you’ll never go to miss your regional news. 

Jagbani newspaper also features an exciting page called Study coverage page. This section gives you information on all types of study matters. Different function held by different universities also comes in this part.  They are also edged with the National Programs for Educational development for all the Punjabi people across the whole country. The works of this newspaper doesn’t stop here. It also provides you information on business and job related terms. Expert’s speculation on business and job recruitment around the whole country publishes here. Stock exchange market update with graph is also available. Thus this newspaper is growing job and business opportunities for the youth people. What about sports update? Whole India is affected with cricket fever. As a result, this newspaper features all kind of sports including cricket, football, volleyball, tennis etc. Sometimes it publishes Punjabi cricketers’ profile with their interview. There is no reason of not bringing Bollywood news in their newspaper. It always supplies current news regarding Bolywood and Kolywood actor and actress. Time schedule of different TV channels are also available here. Jagbani newspaper has its own official website. From their official website you can read their newspaper even in English language. This website is always updated all time 24 hours. Furthermore, you can get breaking news, sports update etc via SMS in your cell phone.