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Reading the UK newspaper, The Daily Mail on weekends allow us to get a choice of fantastic rewards.

My partner usually buys The Daily Mail newspaper every Saturdays.   I discovered last June 11, 2011 issue of the Daily Mail that they recently launched a “Mail Rewards Club”.   It is a programme that offers their loyal readers a choice of fantastic Rewards when buying the weekend issues of the Daily Mail on Saturday and on a Sunday.

How does this work? As per their instruction, simply collect the Unique Number cards from Saturday’s Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday (which can be found in Weekend Magazine on Saturdays and Live Magazine on Sundays).   Then all you have to do is to register online at  to set up an account  (basic details such as name and address) and then enter the Unique Numbers each week  or before 23:59Hrs on the following Wednesday.  Once you’ve collected enough Unique Numbers, you can then select your Reward and they’ll post it straight to your door within fourteen days.  There are actually several rewards to choose from.  Either vouchers, DVDs, cinema tickets, free meals and more.

However there is a cache:   Each collection period consists of up to 8 Unique Numbers and the days you need to collect will show up on your account information. If you enter 7 Unique Numbers out of the 8 you qualify for the Gold Reward of your choice. If you enter 5 Unique Numbers out of 8 in a collection period you’ll qualify for a Silver Reward. But you can choose to reset your account to zero and start collecting for your Gold again if you wish. If you miss 4 Unique Numbers in any collection period, they will automatically reset your account ready for the next collection period.  So they still reward you even if you missed a day or two entering a number.

If you are a UK resident, join now and make your weekends more rewarding with Mail Rewards Club.