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This article features the dog-sized gold fish found in France.

A giant Gold Fish was found in the waters of France. Raphael Biagini, a fisherman take a picture with the gigantic gold fish believed to be a 30-pound koi carp.

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However people around the world have confusions whether this photo is really true or it is just an altered or edited one. Giant gold fish earned millions of views at yahoo and other bookmarking sites. The photo was several months old.

Still many people say that this fish did not really weigh more than 30 lbs because of the picture itself. The fisherman is just like carrying a very light material. Maybe he’s just carrying a 3 or 5 lbs pack. His facial expression was not affected by the 30 lbs weight. 

Nonetheless, koi carp really go up to 90 lbs big. The first 90 lbs gold fish was also caught in the waters of France.


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