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Am wondering if Ohio needs to put a bounty back on coyotes.

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I have lived near coyotes all my life and have never seen one up close in the wild.  But I have seen a few of them over the years off in a distance.  How do I know I live so near the coyotes then?  Because their unmistakable shrill howls and high-pitched yelps in the night have kept me up more than once. 

My worry over the coyote is for our little dog, Splinter, and my cat, No Name.  I am afraid that the coyotes out back will come in the yard and attack them or possibly even eat them.  They are the reason that No Name is not allowed outside because I believe that the coyotes are responsible for my beautiful, previous cat, Miss Kitty to be missing.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is not the only cat that has come up missing in the neighborhood.  I have noticed that three other cats have disappeared also in recent years.  At first I thought nothing about it, but with hearing the coyotes out back so regularly, and them being so near, I now question if they have something to do with the missing cats.

View out back where the coyotes live.

Coyotes are from the family Canidae.  They are not native to Ohio but since first being seen in 1919 they are now in all 88 counties.  They are nocturnal hunters, but during the winter when food is scarce it is not unusual for them to be seen hunting throughout the day.  They are the size of a medium dog and are believed to mate for life.

Coyotes are in hunting season all year with no limit on kills, but at the present time there is no bounty on their pelts.  And some Ohioans are wanting this to change and for Ohio to adopt a law to put a bounty on coyotes.

At one time coyotes were mostly hidden in forested areas, but in recent years they have been seen and heard nearer to neighborhoods, proving that they can adapt to most any environment.  While it is unusal for coyotes to attack humans it is wise to keep a watchful eye on your small dogs, cats, and children where coyotes are seen or heard.

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