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A twelve year old boy has been raped in Salt Lake City, with a Wii game controller.

An innocent sleepover went wrong four boys aged twelve and thirteen teased their babysitter a Salt Lake City Court as heard.

Twenty-six-year-old Nicholas Parry was looking after the boys, and for the majority of the night everything went to plan. However during a contest on a Nintendo Wii one twelve year old boy took Parry’s inability to beat him too far for Parry. Who grabbed the boy, took off his trousers and underwear and raped him with the Wii controller.

All the boys witnessed the assault, and it is thought that the parents of the raped boy were asleep in the same building. However none of them reported the incident, it was Parry’s own disturbed confession to a neighbor late the following day that led to his arrest.

Court has been adjourned for further investigation of Parry’s mental state, with the full case due for review in November.