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Newest update on the Gulf coast oil disaster. Top Kill: Top Failure. LMRP Cap: Possible Total Disaster.

UPDATE (5/29/10) I keep thinking to myself…how can this get worse? BP continues to answer that question for me. Every single person in charge has proved (most on the record/live television) to be useless liars. This clusterf%*# of ignorance and incompetence has exceeded anything I’ve ever witnessed or heard of. I’m very happy to see some of the media calling out these liars for their inept backbiting. CNN has really redeemed themselves and I wish I could high-five all of them for their coverage over the last few days.

So, now that we’ve covered the fact that all in charge are lying liars, lets get to the facts of the matter. What we have been watching is a performance. For the viewers benefit. We are nearly 40 days in and not one effort has improved the situation. Obama has gone on vacation, along with all of congress. I hear that some of the folks at BP have even abandoned the crime scene for a little R&R. How lovely for them.

The top kill method was a total failure. BP and the Coast Guard were caught lying throughout the process. I personally witnessed one of the very failed attempts at the top kill, via the streaming web cam, at least a day before they admitted to first doing it. I could sit here and give you all of the dirty details but it won’t do a bit of good nor will it even matter. Understand that we are being lied to on the grandest scale, and you are up to speed.

Here is what is very important: the LMRP Cap. This is the next step in BP/U.S. Coast Guard circus side show. What I’m about to explain, are the things that nightmares are made of. They are being very careful with the wording involved with this procedure…but this is what I gather from reading between the lines. The LMRP Cap,  “Lower Marine Riser Package” Cap, could make this devastating situation much worse. Hard to imagine, but its true. BP is going to start hacking away at parts attached to the BOP (blow out preventer), then quickly reattach new parts. When they get the old parts cut off, the oil will be flowing at the fullest possible rate, while they attempt to put the new parts in place, to capture the oil. Do you think that sounds like a good idea? I don’t think so. If this fails, we will be in a much worse situation than anyone can imagine. Not only that, but we will be waiting until August for the earliest possible time that the relief wells will be finished. Historically, drilling relief wells are the only thing that usually works. But, then again, all operations at this depth are new territory.

UPDATE (5/20/10) Some really bad images of this disaster, are showing up on the Internet now. The picture I’m linking to is from 3 days ago, so things have progressed since the image was captured. The oil has moved into the current loop. Please see this image, below. You can blow the picture up to see really good details, or shrink the picture to see a better overall image. When you click on the link and the image loads, scroll down to view the Gulf area. This is a satellite image of the oil in the Gulf. The white parts are the surface oil. The grey area that encompasses most of the Gulf, that is oil you cannot see on the surface. Notice the areas outside of the grey. Notice the deep blues and green blues. These are untainted waters. This is horrifying…

UPDATE (5/17/10)

As of today, the disinformation and confusion are still running rampant throughout this disaster. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want any truth about this situation, you need to find it yourself. You need to do the math, read and evaluate all of the available data that is least likely tampered with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to share my opinion, but it is just that, one of many available opinions.

The difference in the news being reported through different sources, is staggering. On one channel, I saw experts admitting that this is 10 times worse than previously thought and that it is the equivalent of the Exxon Valdez spill happening, every few days. I sat watching, stunned and very happy that a network news program was finally “getting real” about the situation. But, only hours later, my hopes were smashed when my local news said nearly the opposite. Apparently my local news team thought the truth was too much of a “bummer” so they decided to twist up the story about the tubing that is directing “SOME” oil from the well. Local news reported that it is basically fixed and everyone can move along – nothing to see here folks. Give me a f*%ing break.

In case anyone is wondering…that handy little tube they got crammed into ONE of the leaks, is not going to stop this disaster. It is merely ANOTHER ploy to buy more time. Sure, it might be capturing some oil, but lets get real, we are smarter than this people!

OK, I apologize for being so angry, but I am. Everything about this is wrong and it is like watching a circus side show. I understand not wanting to cause panic, but will we ever be told the truth about the severity of the situation? Probably not.

A few important things I’d like to share, in case anyone has not already heard…Russia is suggesting we nuke the oil well. They claim to have done this before. I can’t help getting this picture in my head, of Putin laughing his ass off while riding horseback, without a shirt on. Picture of Putin, shirtless on a horse…

And on a much more serious note, I think its time to start worrying about this oil making its way into the ocean current loop. This is something that could turn a somewhat localized disaster into a global problem. I think this kind of discussion (and the fears and worry involved) are what prompted the tube-siphoning-lying-media fiasco. They are getting desperate…

(5/13/10) Pictures are worth a thousand words. Check these out:

(5/12/10) Today, BP is attempting “the dome redux” aka “the dome returns”. Lets see if this will be as big of a waste of time, effort and resources as the first one. The new dome is smaller and has the ability to pump methanol into it, to prevent hydrate build up. They will know if this will work by sometime tomorrow. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s a big fat “no”. But, we shall see. I hope I get to eat my words, but I’m not holding my breath. The next step in this circus side show will be even more entertaining and less likely to work. They will attempt to shoot debris (shredded tires,golf balls, etc) into the spewing oil well with hopes of clogging it. I apologize for the sarcasm, but this is just ridiculous. They are hiding all of the facts from us while this monster oil spill is destroying the coast. Reporters are not even allowed on the scene and have not been for weeks. These criminals will not get this fixed any time soon, and if they do, it will be a miracle. Even if they fixed it right this second, the damage is done for decades. My opinion, at this point in time is that this is all B.S. They do not know what they are doing and it is all for show so it looks like they are doing something. I just don’t get it. The longer that this goes on, I will have to assume that they are deliberately trying to harm our oceans and planet. If you want to know why I’m referring to the people responsible for this accident as criminals, please see this article that I wrote:

Why BP, Transocean and Halliburton Will Get Away with Environmental Disaster

(5/10/10) For today’s update, I just want to share some recent videos of the gulf. The first link is to view a short video from a BBC helicopter crew. The second link is from hccreekkeepers on YouTube.



(5/9/10) Today started with some very bad news. The “dome solution” has failed. Very few updates have been available and what they are sharing, contains little to no real details. I think we are being fed only the tiniest bits of information and updates because this situation is very bad, way out of man’s control and will be historically devastating. It is becoming increasingly obvious that they do not want the public to have the ability to understand the magnitude of this problem. I personally believe it could end up being one of the biggest screw-ups in modern history. Time will tell, and I hope, more than anything, that I am dead wrong.

I’ll keep this brief and update again tomorrow. The dome had to be removed from the site of the oil well. As soon as they got the dome in place, methane hydrates started building up inside of it. They will continue to drill the relief well and they are moving forward with the “junk shot” plan. This involves plugging the oil well hole with massive amount of debris at a high rate of pressure. The debris will consist of items such as shredded tires, golf balls, etc.

I’m trying to keep my personal feelings about this out of my updates, but I just have to say something. Anyone that reads this, please be vigilant and read between the lines. This is a real tragedy that has not been accepted or even realized by most people yet. An incredible amount of chemicals have been dumped in the Gulf, in order to break down the oil. The oil is still there, it is just coagulating into little globs. Not only is the oil still there, but now it is accompanied by the most chemicals ever thrown at an oil spill. It is starting to appear that the main mission right now is to keep the oil off the shores, away from the sight of people and cameras. The booms and chemicals are doing very well with this. Spectacularly well, actually. It doesn’t change anything though, the oil hasn’t mysteriously vanished. The oil flow has not changed or slowed, either. Think about it. Find you’re own conclusions and plan accordingly.

(5/8/10)BP has been working non stop to quell the oil spill that has been gushing into the gulf for weeks. Today, underwater robots that were being used to close valves, have failed. Other measures will have to be taken to get this oil spill under control. Now BP will be placing all bets on their “dome method of containment”.

Although the news media has all but abandoned this story, be aware that this situation is far from under control. In fact it is far worse than anyone is letting on and getting worse by the second. After the robot failure today, BP admitted that no progress has been made in the capping or stopping the oil flow, at this time.The COO (Chief Operating Officer) of BP confessed that they have exhausted all options at the moment, regarding the robots inability to close valves.

At this time, BP states that they will continue drilling a relief well and moving forward with the placement of the dome. They also have two more options that they are considering, although they admit that these options involve risk. The first option is to basically clog and plug the leak with substances. The second option consists of placing a new blow out preventer on top of the old one.

The tone and words used by BP are not comforting. They really don’t know what is going to work at this point and hope that the dome they have put so much effort into, will help the situation. They also stated their concern over doing anything that could make the oil gush any worse.

Related information to this story and worth mentioning… Today NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has issued an air quality alert for the Louisiana coast areas. This afternoon, Breton National Wildlife Reserve (Louisiana) was closed to the public. And lastly, the coast guard is not allowing any boats or planes in the area.

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