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CAIR’s, Muneer Awad’s wish to add Sharia to US law will violate the First Amendment.

     Islamic radicals are manipulating liberals’ feelings of religious tolerance to inject Sharia Law into Oklahoma’s legal system.  Islamofacists do this to convert America into an Islamic dictatorship in furtherance of their goal of imposing Islamic despotism on all countries. 

     In his November 2010 article, “Court order blocks Oklahoma amendment on Islamic law”, Tim Talley had reported that an Oklahoma judge blocked passage of an amendment that would have prevented Oklahoma’s courts from using Sharia Law to decide court cases.  The amendment was supported by ACT for America, an activist group fighting Islamofacism.

     The Oklahoma US District Judge, Vicki Miles-LaGrange, blocked the amendment after an allegation made by Muneer Awad, executive director of the terrorist-supporting CAIR organization.  Awad stated that the amendment disrespects his Islamic religion.  If CAIR opposes that kind of amendment, then that exposes it’s attempt to push Sharia Law into our legal system.  This is one example of “cultural jihad”, the conversion of a free nation into an Islamic dictatorship through non-violent means. 

     To establish Islamic despotism through Sharia Law, radical Islamists use manipulation tactics.  When Talley quoted Awad as saying his Islamic faith was being “condemned”, it was a dishonest attempt to manipulate our feelings of religious tolerance.  When Awad reportedly said the amendment violated his constitutional rights, that was a dishonest way of manipulating our respect for the Constitution.  This is what cultural jihadists do: manipulate our cultural sentiments to make us do the unconstitutional (in this case, to add “Sharia Law” to our legal system).

     Radical Muslims know that these manipulation tactics might work since many politicians are biased by leftwing multiculturalism and political correctness.  Those two items make lawmakers and politicians susceptible to Islamic manipulation.

     The leftwing version of multiculturalism is that all foreign nations are great and America “sucks.”  Consequently, other nations’ cultures are to be respected, and America’s laws and values are to be ignored or despised.  In practice, this leads leftists into compromising our legal system’s Constitutional foundation to appease radicals’ demands to incorporate Sharia Law. 

     People and politicians who covertly disagree with leftist multiculturalism silence themselves by political correctness.  “Political Correctness” is the reluctance to speak the truth for fear of offending those who represent the status quo’s major opinion (i.e. it’s multiculturalism).  Maintaining their silence helps the multicultural attitudes go unopposed.  This makes lawmakers more likely to succeed in compromising our US Constitution with Sharia Law.

     Incorporation of Sharia Law into our legal system will eventually establish a nation-wide Islamic dictatorship that will contradict the US Constitution’s “Bill of Rights.”  The reason why that is true is that Sharia Law contradicts individual liberty via religious authoritarianism.  This is what is happening in Iran: the Islamic dictatorship’s Republican Guard enforces Islamic morals on Iranians.  This squelches liberty for Iranians. 

     To protect Liberty, the US Constitution mandates the separation of church and state.  Islam destroys liberty by combining religion and law.  This is why the Constitution demands exclusion of Sharia Law (Islam’s policy) from our legal system.  The Bill of Right’s First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…”  This means, in part, that state and Federal governments can not constitutionally incorporate religion into our legal system or into their way of deciding courtroom cases.  Because Sharia Law is a religious concept, adding it to our legal system is unconstitutional. 

     Therefore, implementing the Oklahoma amendment to prevent Sharia Law from infecting our legal system is constitutionally necessary.  Nullifying the amendment violates the Constitution and our individual rights.  

     In short, Sharia Law is incompatible with our constitutional rights.  So choose reader which one you will support because you can not have it both ways.