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A man from Portland, Oregon has cost the city over $36,000 dollars after urinating in the city water supply.

In a time where people talk all the time about droughts, 21 year old Josh Seater has cost the city of Portland Oregon 8 million gallons of drinking water.

After a night on the town, a heavily intoxicated Seater began urinating a water reservoir.  “I didn’t know it was a water supply, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, I thought it was a sewage plant”.

The cost of Josh’s drunken behavior has cost the Portland Water Bureau $36,000, as the 8 million gallons have had to be completely drained away.

The incident caught on CCTV at around 1.30am on Thursday morning has outraged locals, especially in light of the fact that no criminal convictions have yet been bought against Seater, although there is the possibility of some further action down the line.

The open water sources have been a bone of contention across the US of late as a spate of smaller contamination cases have hit the news.

David Shaff of the Portland Water Bureau says that the disposal of the water is not an over-exaggeration, saying that beyond the “yuck” factor, people would have to consider the possibility that they may have made something with the water that included possible traces of the urine.  Portland Water Bureau do of course chlorinate the water, however this process takes place before the water hits the reservoirs.