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I read a very disturbing story today on FOX news.

Christopher Moss, a nine-year-old little  boy living in New York, rummaged through his dad’s wallet. Most parent’s can attest that rummaging through a parent’s wallet isn’t an uncommon happening…some parent’s even view it as something worthy of punishment. The story doesn’t say whether Christopher was just plundering or trying to get money, but either way the punishment his father doled out is unimaginable.

Christopher was forced into an unlit oven naked by his father, James Moss. He was then forced to hold his hands over an open flame on the stove top burner for two minutes. The report also alleges that Christopher was hit with a spatula, smacked in the face, and drug across the floor by his father.

Christopher sustained second and third degree burns from his father’s “punishment.” He was treated by Staten Island University Hospital.  James Moss has been charged with second-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. He failed to post a $15,000 bail and  is at Rikers Island.

According to an ABC news report, the father is standing by the punishment and claims that it was justified.

My two cents:

If this father indeed did this to Christopher, it is not punishment. This is child abuse, and I question attempted murder. I sincerely hope this father, if found guilty, is never left alone with a child again.