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A case of snake neglect led to a child’s death in Florida.

A Florida family was charged with child abuse, neglect, and more after their snake “got out” of it’s cage, wrapping itself around the child’s neck and squeezing the child to death. The family lived in a house in a rural area. Family members told the parent’s they need to get rid of the snake, or have a confined cage for it. The snake repeatedly got out, and in fact, the dad saw the snake slithering around the living room the day the child was killed. He thought nothing of it until he went to wake up the child and found the snake wrapped around the child’s neck. He repeatedly stabbed the snake, as the child was already blue and cold. He got the snake off the child, but the child was already dead. The couple also has previous charges related to selling methamphetamine and other drugs. The police found marijuana in the house, and the parent’s both went to jail, while the kids went to a family member’s house. The mother, who was 8 1/2 months pregnant at the time, was released on bail, and the father still sits.