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Many people spread the rumor that the government is spraying helpless civilians with chemicals for various reasons. As proof of this they offer up photographs of vapor trails left by jet planes.

Rumors abound that the (U.S.) government is spraying innocent civilians (In North America) with chemicals.

Evidence of this is the long, wide, white, trails left by planes, high in the atmosphere.

Contrails, or jet trails, have been around since the first jets were built.

When planes fly high into the thinner air, which they do to preserve fuel, they become cold on the outside. As they descend into thicker, warmer, air the cold metal condenses the air around them causing ice crystals, and/or condensation, which becomes visible to people on the earth’s surface.

These trails are often quite long as passenger planes descend very slowly, so as not to frighten passengers. The trails spread, and thin out, as the moisture evaporates and the prevailing wind currents move the trail about. Often giving the appearance of a long row of falling rain.

Though there are never chemicals, per sea, in a contrail there is sometimes diesel fuel.

Before take off a planes weight is added to; the weight of the passengers, the weight of their luggage, the weight of freight and mail, which is usually increased if the weight of luggage is low, and the proper amount of fuel is loaded to get the plane to its destination.

When calculating the amount of fuel to load the company that owns the plane must take into consideration; the weight of the fuel, the predicted weather the plane will encounter, and the length of the trip. They always load enough fuel, plus enough for unforeseen difficulties, but never more than they have to because the more they put in they more the plane weighs and the more they have to put in to get it off the ground.

Likewise when they are landing they want to have as little fuel as possible so there is less weight on the tires, and landing gear and less to burn, or explode, should there be an accident.

For this reason, when a plane approaches its destination and it has not encountered as strong headwinds as predicted, and/or it arrives at a time when there is no need to circle waiting for a landing time, they jettison any excess fuel to lighten the weight of the plane.

This is done at a high altitude so that it will evaporate before it ever reaches the ground.

So, no Virginia, the airplanes are not, despite what some of the `newspapers’ claim, with their photos of wide spread contrails, spraying chemicals over you, and I, in some weird government experiment.