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An essay about Zarubins, family of secret service agents.

     Perhaps, Elisabeth (Gorskaya) Zarubina is the most  titled Soviet secret service woman – colonel. More than six decades she worked in Austria, Turkey, Denmark, France, USA under different surnames and nicks. Without  overstatement life of this amazing woman full of unusual secrets and adventures could become a great help for scenario writers to create a hundred-series block baster.

    Elisabeth was born in 1900 in the North Bukovina, Romania in a family of the large estate forest economy manager. Graduated from the ChernovtsyUniversity she continued studying in Paris. Spoken fluently 5 languages she regarded Russain her native. Then she began to work an interpreter in the Soviet Embassy in Vien. Future colleagues from the USPG Foreign Department paid attention to the energetic girl vehement Soviet Russsia adherent, and in 1925 Elisabeth Gorskaya became an agent of the External Search of USSR.

   In 1929 Elisabeth married future outstanding secret service agent Vasily Zarubin and took his surname. Besides in the same year Political Bureau commissioned to examine, if it’s right to say, Elisabeth’s fidelity.

    This amazing woman possessed truly rare talent – was always affable and witty, could well dispose people towards her and charm talkers. This allowed her to gain valuable people over  research and create adherents groups.

  In France Zarubins formed the outbranching net attracted many valuable informational sources. They became joint-owners of the advertising bureau.

      Vardo (alternately Elisabeth’snick) occasionally got acquainted with two women and they started working with her for Foreign Office. Truly good information was gained from former tsar general Pavel Dyakonov, a person of astonishing destiny. He transpassed the French Army General Staff data about ‘fifth column’ fascist directed generals and officers prepared by Russian search. The action succeeded and played a great role in French-German relations deterioration.

      Perhaps the starlight moment for Zarubins was their destination to Germany when Hitler possessed the state power. The majority of illegals were Jews so they had to leave the country. Zarubins were missioned to re-establish the illegal residence in one week term. They did impossible – not only rebuilt the residence, but also gave it a  chance to breathe – gained many new effective information sources. The lion’s share of work was put on fragile Vardo’s shoulders because Vasily didn’t speak German.

     Willy Leman convinced antifascist was in exclusive credit of Gestapo, all the time promoted to the next ranks and duties. The most part of documents and daily Gestapo revisals used to be printed  in two copies for Himmler and Heydrich, but passed Leman’s hands before get to the point.  Eventually he was commissioned a secret service military supply and got an access to the most hidden sacred mysteries of Hitler Germany.

     By his convictions Leman became the Soviet research agent. Breitenbach (that was Willy’s nick) transmitted to Vardo so-much of important information that it’s been sent to Moscow with link  messangers. Gestapo enciphering code was determined like that. Personally to Stalin and Voroshilov  the detailed report about Verner’s rockets construction works was directed.  Braitenbach transmitted to Moscow the description of different outfit kinds – guns, armoured forces, trench-howitzers.

      Almost 8 years Vardo and Braitenbach used to work together. After Zarubins depart to Moscow Leman continued co-operation with Soviet investigation.  On the 19th of June 1941 he reported that on the 22nd of June Hitler will unleash war against USSR. In December 1942 Willy Leman was arrested and secretly sentenced to military execution.

      Vardo also had many other significant informers. In the most alarming time of June 1941 she Jewish had a mission to restore communications with illegals. She fulfilled this dangerous task with honour.

    On the 29thof June a week after war beginning all the Soviet Embassy staff departed to Moscow. The way home through Turkey lingered a month. On the 12thof October in the heat of near Moscow battle Vasily Zarubin was unexpectedly invited to Kremlin. At night he met with Stalin.

      Stalin was brief:

-         Last time we had no any conflict of world interests with America. But it’s important and necessary to know about true intentions of the American government. We would like to see them our associates in struggle against Hitler. Your mission, comrade Zarubin, is not only to know about intentions of Americans and trace the events, but influence them through agents and other opportunities. Consult the fact, comrade Zarubin, that our country is invincible. I’ve heard that your wife is a good help. Try to keep her secure.

Elisabeth as a Jew was confided out of the investigative work to communicate and influence Jewish society in America. And she was successful in much. Under her influence in America many friends and simply attracted to USSR people popped forth. Zarubins successed to exert influence in Soviet Union favour on highly authoritative people in American government including the presidential encirclement  through Jewish circles.

    Zarubins activity in the US was extraordinary overall-rounded. Will tell you about one eminent event. Through the famous sculptor Konenkov’s wife Elisabeth became close with Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer  and other outstanding scientists that worked on the atomic bomb creation. Zarubins understood that the question is about weapon able to change the world history, and inquired Moscow permission to make an effort to find the approach to famous physicists. They succeeded to fast-talk Oppenheimer known as the A-bomb father from communistic claims and to receive several young physicists in his laboratory. Among them was Klaus Fuchs   that afterwards transported the A-bomb secrets to Moscow.

  In 1944 unexpectedly Zarubins got recalled to Moscow. They became suspected in co-operation with American secret service. Half a year the denunciation of some co-worker Myronov  as if  Zarubins work for FBI  has  been examined. Subsequently Myronov occurred to be a schizo. Nevertheless Zarubins never got back to the US. Stalin though didn’t give worthy appraisal to the information about new secret weapon changing the world as it goes. Disbelief was much more important for him.

  Vasily Zarubin was appointed the foreign reconnaissance vice-chief. Long years Elisabeth used to work beside her husband, executing dangerous tasks within the country and abroad.

   In 1987 Elisabeth died. She was buried with military honours.