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Some things don’t just happen and this is one of them. Barrack Obama should perhaps be arrested and investigated for crimes against humanity but then when you are the most powerful man on planet Earth, when you are the Commander in chief of the Armed forces of the United States, being arrested for the war in Afghanistan or Iraq can only happen in your dreams or those of your enemies!

Think about it, a headline splashed on the front page of all the leading newspapers suggesting that Barrack Obama, the inhabitant of the white house, husband to Michelle, and father to Malia and Sasha, has been arrested.

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I want to imagine the look on your face when CNN, VOA or BBC announce this, I want to get your reaction when this happens and the most powerful man in the world is frog marched to Guantanamo bay to begin a life long sentence for the millions of children that continue dying in Afghanistan, for the endless fighting in Iraq that has never stopped killing innocent women and children, for everything that he promised and which he hasn’t done yet, for…..

Who will arrest this powerful man and bring him to justice? Who will bring a stop to the endless killings in Afghanistan and Iraq? I expected him to take full responsibility for his predecessor’s actions by at least beginning the immediate pull out of US led NATO troops in Afghanistan, I expected him to make good his promise of fast tracking a total rejection of nuclear weapons, I expected him to keep our hopes alive, but then, he seems to be having a hard time.

Who will arrest Barrack Obama? Well no one in particular, for Commanders in chief can only be arrested in Africa and Barrack isn’t an African head of state….he is American. For that reason, this remains a headline we may not see any time soon.