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You guys must have heard of the big breaking news, of course it’s so like trendy, 85-year-old Hugh Hefner, the owner of playboy magazine and playboy mansion is DEAD.


Who even believe such silly rumors? So what are the facts and the fiction? Let’s analyze. 

A shocking unconfirmed report has surfaced and circulated around the internet and world news since Monday stating Hugh Hefner had died following a heart attack on July 11th. Typical for an old man, but Hefner is not typical. 

This actual fiction has led the website: to believe in such ridiculous news; can you even imagine? They even ridiculed out ‘The unexpected and tragic death of founder and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy will make a lot of people sad but the Playboy officials said that the Playboy magazine will be printed as usually.’ Moreover, even one of the Playboy star believed! How does that person even work there?!

We all know that Hef was very successful and highly controversial person, but this is plain stupid. People should not believe news that is not officially delivered from the ‘MAIN’ source itself, in this case it’s the Playboy website.

Also, further to the hoax, Hugh Hefner himself has tweeted out to clarify his death rumor that he is actually fine and pretty much alive.

In addition, not so long ago on January, 10th 2010 Hefner has also been pronounced death! This one said that Hugh died from dyslexia at his famous LA Playboy Mansion. The article had said that while Hef was swimming, he was drowned and his Playmate failed to help him because they didn’t want their hair wet. 

In conclusion: this probably means the more sex you have in life the longer you live: All hail Hugh Hefner!