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This is an article that I wrote about Hurricane Irene and It’s affect on New York City. Please leave your comments and Share.

New York City was spared when it came to the real effects of Hurricane Irene which started Sunday morning in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

The Hurricane which threatened approximately 8 Million people ended up being re-named into one of the biggest ‘Tropical Storms’ New York City has ever seen. Hurricane Irene decreased as it headed up the East Coast so by the time it hit New York City, It was already considered category 1.

Before the Hurricane was close to New York, the people were warned to prepare for this hurricane which made it a very hectic scene in the grocery stores because literally everyone was in the stores grabbing food for what was to come.

Some people weren’t even grabbing necessary products needed in case of a real emergency. Some people literally came to get a bag of Bananas, Cakes etc and I asked myself ‘What about Bread, Milk, Eggs’?

*What if the stores do not open and this storm is something very serious; is a bag of Bananas and Little Debbie cakes going to get you through this?

This just made the lines extremely long and the waiting process even longer. I waited in line for about 2 hours waiting to check out at a grocery store and the lines were really long but that’s my experience and that’s all so I really cannot complain because plenty more had it worse than standing on line.

Here is the latest on the News in NYC…

*All of the MTA is shut down and from the reports we keep receiving, there isn’t going to be any kind of MTA service until after Monday.

*Roads are closed due to flooding.

*400,000 People in NYC had to do a mandatory evacuation because of the Hurricane.

*936,000 Power Outages because of the Hurricane(Statewide)

*People were and still are outside doing all kinds of ridiculous things such as surfing and floating on card board boxes in the crazy weather.

*18 People died because of the hurricane.

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*Prisoners left behind as a ‘Non-Priority’.  – This is where I felt really bad because why evacuate everywhere else except jail?

At the end of it all, they are human just as we all are and it isn’t fair that they are being treated as if they are less of value than the people who walk the streets.

This is where I had my biggest problem coping with what was said because if you can prevent someone from a tragedy, why not those in prison as well? Why not move prisoners somewhere safe?

What do you all think of this? Is it right that the people in Prison just be left?

Thank you all for reading and I want to give my condolences to those who were affected as well as those who may have lost a relative because of Hurricane Irene.