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New York Mayor: It’s not a joke, your life could be in danger.

Over 370,000 people in New York ordered the evacuation, said on Saturday the mayor, Michael Bloomberg, once again asking them to exercise caution before the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

 He said that it is possible that the southern part of Manhattan district to remain “free electricity” Sunday after the hurricane, it is expected “a lot of water on the streets.”

“It’s not a joke, your life could be in danger,” he said, insisting once again that people who live in flood plains to meet the evacuation order given Friday.

“I ordered the mandatory evacuation of 370,000 people,” he said. ”Seven thousand patients in hospitals and nursing homes” have already been evacuated, he said.

The mayor pointed out that public transport will be interrupted at noon (19.00 GMT) in New York and urged people to leave “now.”

► Hurricane Irene came close to the head Saturday Lookout in North Carolina, and although it was retragradat category is still a strong, said National Hurricane Center (NHC).

At 08.00 local time (15.00 GMT), Category 1 hurricane on a scale of five levels is ten kilometers northeast of Cape Lookout and moving north-east 22 km / h, accompanied by bursts wind speeds up to 140 kilometers per hour, according to NHC.

Heavy rains and wind gusts hit while Kill Devil Hills in Getting Carolina, a few miles from the center of Hurricane. No one ventures out and is difficult to cross streets by car, found an AFP journalist. Many buildings were covered with wood panels preventive.

Irene will then cross the east coast Saturday and Sunday heading for Washington, New York and Boston, one of the most populated regions in the world, which has 65 million inhabitants, and may be accompanied by high waves three or four feet according to NHC.

From North Carolina to Massachusetts, authorities declared a state of emergency and launched hurricane alerts, and tens of thousands of people were ordered to remove the ribs. In New York, U.S. authorities ordered the evacuation of 250,000 people unique and closing airports.

President Barack Obama, who urged Americans to “very seriously” this storm whose proportions could be “historical” and the short holiday in Massachusetts (northeast) to return to Washington Friday evening, shortly before midnight.

“If you are the anticipated trajectory of Hurricane you should take precautions immediately. Do not wait,” he said in a speech.

Hurricane intensity has weakened slightly Tuesday, with gusts of wind with speeds up to 140 km / h to 160 km / h during the night, so retrogradând to category 1, the lowest on the Saffir-Simpson scale which has five levels. Category 1 hurricanes are accompanied by gusts of wind with speeds from 119 to 153 kilometers per hour.

As Hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans hard in 2005, authorities fear that the hurricane will be accompanied by flooding, power cuts and damage.

The damage could cost up to $ 12 billion, according to experts at Kinetic Analysis, an office which develops computer models for any damage caused by weather.

Airports in New York will be closed Saturday from 12.00 (19.00 GMT) for all flights arriving on these airports, authorities have warned.

Public transport will also be suspended from Saturday at noon, probably to peak months, and, as a precaution, Bloomberg advised residents to store products of first necessity.

New York state authorities have warned that the main roads into town will be closed if wind gusts exceed 96 miles per hour. They commandeered also 900 National Guard members and 2,500 workers in the electricity sector, prepared to intervene in case of power failure, which is an unprecedented mobilization.

In the Bronx, boats were made out of water and shelter owners.

In Washington, people were their water reserves and buying generators in supermarkets.

“Ordered the evacuation of all our citizens on the coast,” said North Carolina Governor, Bev Perdue, who said that the state can not force anyone to leave but who will not meet the recommendations “will be alone in the storm.”

Army announced that 100,000 National Guard members are ready to deploy. U.S. Airforce planes left the bases located in Florida, Delaware and Virginia to be made homeless. The Navy sent to sea, where they are less vulnerable, all its ships anchored in port Hampton Roads (Virginia).

“We have not faced such a threat from a hurricane for decades,” said Chris Vaccaro, a spokesman for the meteorological services.

“It will be a long weekend for residents’ east coast, concluded Vaccaro.

► At 09.00 GMT (12.00 GMT), Hurricane Irene center is 55 miles from Cap Lookout in North Carolina, accompanied by gusts of wind speed 150 km / h, according to NHC, based in Miami .

Airports in New York will be closed Saturday starting at noon (19.00 GMT) for all aircraft were to arrive in this city, airport authorities announced Friday evening.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Friday ordered the evacuation of over 250,000 people living in the flooded city, a joint decision without precedent.Toate shipments will be suspended in New York from Saturday, 12.00 (19.00 GMT ).

Authorities of the Member from North Carolina to Massachusetts decreed a state of emergency or hurricane alerts, and tens of thousands of people were ordered to remove the ribs.