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The illegal immigration issue is something that sparks much debate and an array of opinions on how to solve the issue. Some are outraged that the federal government is not enforcing existing laws. Meanwhile, others are outraged at states, like Arizona, for “discrimination.” Whatever side of the issue you support, I would hope that we could all agree that illegal immigrants committing any crime should be immediately deported.

I personally feel that anyone in any country that does not have permission to be there should be deported. At the very least, I would certainly hope that once someone commit’s a crime, and the law discovers that they are not a legal citizen, they would be deported. However, that isn’t even happening. 

Twenty-three-year-old Carlos Martinelly Montano, a Bolivian native,  was arrested at least twice on charges of drunk driving. According to Woodbridge, Virginia police, he has also had multiple arrests for other traffic related offenses. Montano had been turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on at least one of the offenses. Virginia authorities expected Montano to be deported. Montano was instead released back into the community.

Montano was again driving drunk last Sunday, when his car crossed the median and hit another car that was carrying three nuns. Sister Denise Mosier died on the scene. Sister Charlotte Lange and Sister Connie Ruth Lupton were still in the hospital and on respirators at the time of this article.

Montano has been charged with drunken driving, involuntary manslaughter, and felony driving on a revoked license. Authorities told CBS news that Montano is facing “possible deportation.”

Illegal immigrants committing crimes happen everyday and these people are constantly being released right back into society. It just doesn’t usually make national headlines. I think this particular case received national attention because it happened in a suburb of Washington, D.C. and happened to involve a beloved nun dying.

I just wonder when enough is just enough? How much blood and tears must be at the doorstep of Congress  before they realize that the current system of turn a blind eye and don’t ask/ don’t tell is not working?