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Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped and held in a backyard compound for 18 years.

For 18 long years Jaycee Dugard’s parents have looked for her. In 1991 her step-father, Carl Probyn was watching in the yard behind her while the eleven year old girl waited for the school bus. A car with a man and woman in it sped up and snatched Jaycee while her step father looked on in horror. He yelled to a neighbor to call the police and took off after the car on a bicycle lying nearby. That was the last they saw of Jaycee until the mother received a call from a police station in California from a woman saying she was her missing daughter. Jaycee was held prisoner in a back yard compound in Antioch only 200 miles from where she was abducted.

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Phillip Garrido had been convicted of rape and released on parole from the Nevada State prison in 1989. His neighbors knew he was a registered sex offender. The kids on the block knew to keep their distance. Garrido wore an ankle bracelet and reported to his parole officer several times a month. Parole agents and law enforcement regularly visited his home searching for drugs and alcohol, nothing was ever found amiss. His wife and 88 year old mother lived in the home and paramedics often came in to check on the mother.

A neighbor called police in 2006 saying Garrido was a psychotic sex offender and had children living in his back yard. A policeman went out and talked to Garrido on his front porch and reported back that everything was OK. He didn’t bother to check the back yard where Jaycee and her children were held prisoners. The back yard was walled in where nobody could see inside. There were outbuildings in the back yard and one was sound proof. It could only be entered from the outside. Jaycee had been imprisoned there for 18 years with the children she had by Garrido. They had never seen a doctor or been in school. She had her first baby at age 14.and the other one at 18. The children are now 15 and 11.

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A security guard became suspicious when Garrido came on campus of the California University passing out religious literature. He was accompanied by his wife, Jaycee, and the two children. The security guard checked and found Garrido was a sex offender. He then reported it to the parole officer. When Garrido went to see the parole officer he took his wife, Jaycee and the children with him. It went down hill from there on in. Garrido admitted the kidnapping. Jaycee and her children were turned over to the police and she called her mother.

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When law officers went into the back yard they found sheds, tents,and outbuildings. The yard was walled in so no one could see inside. It was here that Jaycee had lived her life since she was taken away from her parents as an 11 year old child, and it was here she had given birth to her children imprisoned and alone.

Garrido is charged with rape by force, lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and sexual penetration. He and his wife pleaded not guilty to 29 counts, including forcible abduction, rape and false imprisonment.  There is also the question that he may be responsible for unsolved murders of several prostitutes who’s bodies were dumped near where Garrido worked in the 1990’s.

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