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Forget Rodney King, California police have created a far worse atrocity, and lucky for them nobody is doing anything… Or so it seems.

It has been almost a month since homeless man Kelly Thomas (37) was brutally murdered in Fullerton, California. The man was beaten and tased repeatedly by a gang of cops, after they descended on Thomas for a crime he did not commit. The word at the time was that because he ran, they had to restrain him. But to someone suffering from schizophrenia, when police come after you for doing nothing, running might seem like a logical option. Thomas was beaten to a pulp by Fullertons supposed law enforcement official, a beating he never recovered from and died five days later.

New footage released (see below) was taken from a bus collecting passengers from near the scene of the crime, in it you hear eye witness accounts of what has just occurred.

What confuses most people about the incident is the complete lack of action that has taken place after the incident. Police are saying little at all about the incident, releasing the same information over and over again. The Mayors office is also saying very little, almost pushing it aside. Yet to almost everyone that comes across this horrifying story it’s difficult to comprehend the complete lack of action.

Recently (almost a month after the incident) Fullerton councillor Sharon Quirk-Silva demanded the release of nearby CCTV footage, which it is thought to be in the hands of the police department. And the immediate administrative leave of the six police officers involved… Administrative leave? Does that not mean that the officers should be put on paid leave? Paid Leave!!! Great murder a man and get a paid holiday, is this punishment or a reward?

Below is footage from the scene, taken by a spectator. While the imagery is blurry its apparent exactly what it taking place.

Now you will see the shocking state of Kelly Thomas after the beating he received.

At the risk of sounding UK snobbish (I have been picked up on this before by an individual), and having the News Of The World thrown in my face, if this story had occurred in the UK someone by now would be making some very clear statements about this incident. But in the what I can only describe as corrupt Fullerton, nobody except the media is saying anything, and if they do try to say anything, they are confronted with legal warnings from the police departments legal team, essentially ordering Friends Of Fullerton’s Future to shut up of face legal action, in what can only be described as an unprofessional manner. 

If this had occurred in Syria, the six officers would no doubt have been publicly lynched, how lucky these cops are that they live in a society where they are protected their wrong doings.

Below is a picture of Kelly Thomas, the way most of Fullerton will remember him, yes a little weird, but sweet, childlike and harmless. It seems that if you live in Fullerton and have any of those attributes, and are “displaced” then you deserve death.

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