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A child has been sexually assaulted by a nursery worker in Birmingham.Investigations by the police has proved nursery worker Paul Wilson guilty and is yet to appear before a Magistrates Court in Birmingham.

A nursery worker in Birmingham has been arrested for sexual offences against a minor.

Twenty year old Paul Wilson from Nechells in Birmingham who works at the Little Stars Nursery in Nechells was arrested by the police on Wednesday.

According to the records of the crown Prosecution Service, the young man has been charged with two offences against a child under 13 years in the last two years between the period of 01 January 2009 and 30 July 2010.

He is due to appear before the Magistrates court in Birmingham on Friday where his fate will be determined.

There is sufficient evidence to prosecute Mr Wilson as information submitted by the police suggest he is guilty of the offence. Jayne Salt of the CPS said it was “in the public interest to charge Paul Wilson”

The nursery has presently been closed while investigations are carried out

Meanwhile this case of sexual assault has stimulated debates about the recruitment of child workers in the country and will possibly cause changes in policies.