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I live in Texas, and I think this is a bad idea.

Earlier this week on the local news, I saw them discussing a possible bill that would raise the speed limit in Texas from 70 to 85 mph. At first I thought this was maybe a joke. However, I saw this morning on Yahoo that the Texas House of Representatives have already passed the bill. The bill requires approval from the Senate before it will take effect. I live in Texas, and I happen to think this is a bad idea.

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If this bill goes through, this would give Texas the highest speed limit in the country. I don’t know the reasons for this bill even being introduced. Texas has a lot of open road and highways. The main reason that I’m against this bill encourages fast driving. I mean I get frustrated as it with how people drive on the highways here. People speed past you, and drive with no type of respect for others on the highway. 

I think this bill doesn’t do anything but increase the risk of more accidents. Maybe they want to bring in more revenue by handing out more tickets, which happens to be something they are doing more of in all states. At the end of the day safety on the highways and roads should be a top priority. People are already careless with their driving here in Texas, and if this goes through we can expect even more of it, along with accidents.