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Only state-licensed growers would be allowed to cultivate pot, and only state-licensed stores would be allowed to sell it.

 Washington is one of four states where measures to legalize and regulate marijuana have been introduced, and there may be as many as two dozen other states that are considering bills ranging from medical marijuana to decriminalizing possession of small amounts of the herb.

What is unique about Washington State is that the proposal would actually put the state in the business of dealing marijuana. In this particular state all the liquor stores are owned and operated by the state.

Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson, a Seattle Democrat who is sponsoring the legalization bill in Washington state has said that

Under her bill, marijuana would be sold in Washington state’s 160 state-run liquor stores, and customers, 21 and older, would pay a tax of 15 percent per gram.

The six Democratic legislators sponsoring the bill are Mary Lou Dickerson and Scott White of Seattle, Roger Goodman of Kirkland, David Upthegrove of Des Moines, Sherry Appleton of Poulsbo and Mary Helen Roberts of Lynwood.

 To see more about the bill that is being introduced in Washington state go to this link: