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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday leaves the post which he held the past seven years.

Board Schwarzenegger, a former hero of the militants, the famous “Terminator” may not go to the joyful note: the most populous U.S. state is in a state of severe economic crisis, its prisons are overcrowded, and even the famous California national parks have recently been moved to higher saving mode. Schwarzenegger’s popularity ratings at the end of his term in office have become worse significantly, and ethics committee “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” in its April report named head of California among the 11 worst U.S. governors. The group, in particular, accused him of using state funds and federal funds for personal purposes, tying the close ties of friendship for personal gain and the provision of key posts to friends.

Schwarzenegger became famous for his desire to protect the environment. California produces 1.4% of the world and 6,2% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and working to decrease since 1988. The turning point in abatement was the adoption in 2006 of legislation on dealing with global warming. ” That Schwarzenegger has pioneered the introduction of the most stringent requirements to control emissions of greenhouse gases from all hitherto existing in the United States. California Governor has taken several steps to improve energy efficiency of the state. In particular, in 2005, he launched a ten-year plan to develop renewable energy, “Million Solar Roofs” and a project to develop hydrogen fueling stations “Hydrogen Highway”.

Recently, Schwarzenegger has expressed his desire to pursue the matter and after the addition of the governor’s office, perhaps even a Barack Obama administration, if the president would offer him an appropriate post.

Schwarzenegger, despite his affiliation to the Republican Party, was remembered by many as one in Russia. That summer he met with Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, who came to California to get acquainted with the experience of the famous Silicon Valley, and soon with a delegation of U.S. investors paid a visit to Moscow, during which he went with Medvedev in Skolkovo and told the students of the Higher School of Economics on the experience of California in energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Commending the work in the past seven years, Schwarzenegger in an interview with the Los Angeles Times said: “The most important thing in the work I was doing this for seven years – is to work with passion. I have always believed: do not do anything just for the money, you should do something, what makes you feel the passion. “

Schwarzenegger is not much concerned about his future: movie career, sporting achievements and successful business projects (before the Schwarzenegger Hollywood fame as a businessman, achieve success in all endeavors, whether it’s sports equipment for sale or trade of real property) allowed him to abandon the governor’s salary.

“Financially I was assured by the end of life. And that’s even more fun to do many different things” – he said in a recent interview. Schwarzenegger did not rule out returning to film the benefit of it is in good physical shape despite his 63 years.

Place of Schwarzenegger as governor, “Golden State” (as in America, often called California) will take a Democrat Jerry Brown. Brown had once been governor of the state: from 1975 to 1983.

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