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Same sex marriages are not issued in the state of Texas will have to go to a state where the practice is legalized to seek divorce.

Same sex couples in Texas seeking a divorce are being challenged by the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on the matter. According to Abbott, “traditional definition of marriage”.

Angelique Naylor and her former partner were married in Massachusetts after same sex marriages were legalized in the state. She filed for a divorce in the state of Texas and an Austin judge granted the request, but Abbott is appealing the ruling. Texas ruled against gay marriage in 2005. This is not the only case where Abbott has stepped up to defend what he believes is the legal sanctity of marriage. Abbott is also appealing a divorce for another same sex couple, two men. Abbott believes that the couples should return to the state that they were married or a state that will issue a marriage license to a same sex couple to seek a divorce.

Naylor isn’t seeking a divorce for attention. She and her partner simply could no longer get along. The couple separated in 2007 and has been seeking a divorce since. The two worked out a custody agreement in regards to their young son.

The state of Pennsylvania refuses to grant divorces to same sex couples, while New York does grant them in spite of the fact that the state does not issue same sex marriage licenses.

Currently Massachusetts, Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington, DC allow and will issue same sex marriages.