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This is a good step forward.

As many people know, gay couples do not have the same rights as straight couples. Which is pretty sad, considering the amount of time gay people have been fighting for the same equal rights as straight couples. But, there is hope. Just recently, the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed the Unemployment Benefits Act (AB 2055), which ensures that same-sex couples in California have access to unemployment benefits. This bill was introduced by Assembly member Hector De La Torre (D-South Gate) and sponsored by Equality California. Which is a good step forward, for the gay community.

The executive director of Equality California, Geoff Kors had this to say; “We thank the governor for signing this bill, which will provide same-sex couples who plan to enter into a domestic partnership with access to benefits that heterosexual couples who are engaged already enjoy and that affect the well being and security of their families.”

“Although this legislation helps chip away at the discrimination same-sex couples face, the fact is that domestic partnerships are not the same as marriage, and the only real solution is to restore the freedom to marry in California so that same-sex couples are truly equal under the law. We thank Assembly member De La Torre for his advocacy and leadership.

Right now, couples who are engaged to be married are eligible for unemployment benefits if one of the people in the relationship must leave their job in order to move closer to their future husband or wife. This bill would extend the same rights to couples who plan on having a domestic partnership. The bill is especially beneficial for gay/lesbian couples, because they are prohibited from legally marrying and therefore are unable to receive these benefits, which they should already be receiving since they’re people too.. But the only way to really give them the total freedom EQUAL package, is to let them get married. Does not have to be in a religious way, no. Just has to be called “marriage” and come with all the same rights that heterosexuals have and take for granted.