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The neoconservative billionaire Koch Brothers and the political policies they promote are destroying the very core of the American workforce.

This is an urgent alert to all readers who are not billionaires or millionaires to be on guard of your rights as a worker, along with the air you breathe, the soil you plant your vegetables in and the water you drink. For you see, the Koch (pronounced coke) Brothers, along with their wealth and the power of Koch Industries are out to change the destiny of this once great nation and turn it into America “for the corporation and by the corporation.” Not unlike the unrest we are bearing witness to in other parts of the world, we too, as hard working Americans, need to stand up to these polluters of our air, soil and water and destroyers of unions and the rights of those who they employ. Please refer to my previous, in depth look at the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries @ .

David and Charles Koch have firmly planted themselves in the heart of the Republican and Tea Party movements. Actually, both have now pretty much merged into one and the Koch’s are seeing to it that both factions have the same philosophies as well as a common theme. These two men deliver countless subliminal messages about how drilling is good, President Obama is bad, unions are horrible, health care will lead to death panels and any and all social programs should end. The messages are all so cutely packaged with everyday citizens explaining the virtues of whatever agenda the Koch’s are touting on any given day. Meanwhile these two Christian, neoconservative men, continue to make their stews of toxic waste and dump them in our streams, rivers, lakes, ponds and soil as well as releasing poisonous gases into the air we all breathe. Hey, it’s good for business isn’t it?

The Koch Brothers do not want to waste their time bargaining with the common folk of this country. Au contraire, these two powerhouses want nothing more than a handful of billionaires to control all of American activities, including the very beings of those who work for the billionaires. In my humble opinion they are nothing more than rich landowners, employing the sweat of labor in an ongoing attempt to indenture the services of those without privilege. The sad part in all of this appears to be the goals of these mega egomaniacs. Their ideas are taking hold and the politicians are reaping the monetary benefits, while the less informed are just duped into the scheme of things. The Republican Party and Tea Party have come under the trance and allure of Koch’s money. They are all selling the soul of America to the Kochs. It is borderline treasonous what is happening in this country of ours and it is the smell of the dollar that is sending us all down the Koch Industries polluted river of greed and control.

So now the newly elected governor of Wisconsin wants to bust the state employees union. The biggest contributor to Governor Scott Walker’s election campaign was none other than Koch Industries, including their energy and consumer products conglomerate. Well now, isn’t that amazing! Also, it is interesting to note, that this past week-end, Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity, thought it was necessary for him to travel to Wisconsin from Washington, D.C. For you see, Mr. Phillips felt the need to speak at Wisconsin’s state capital in defense of Governor Walker’s attempt to break up the union. Why would the president of Americans for Prosperity feel this trip was needed? First, we should take a look at the funding behind his organization. A point in fact is 2007 they had an operating budget of $7 million and mysteriously, by their 2010 budget they had operating funds totalling $40 million. At the risk of being redundant, let me just say, “well now, isn’t that amazing!” If you guessed Charlie and Davy Koch were the secretive financiers pulling the strings behind Phillips’ organization, then you guessed right. This is what they do.

In an effort to solidify the mind control game the Koch boys are using via conduits like Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the organization is split into two groups. One offshoot is the charitable foundation and the other represents the grass roots formed by activists. Both of these branches are run by AFP president Phillips and lo and behold, the Chairman of Americans for Prosperity is, none other than David Koch. Is the feeling of nauseousness hitting you yet? For the 2010 elections, AFP spent nearly $40 million on phone banks, rallies and canvassing. Although there were six (6) newly elected Republicans to Congress, five (5) got the backing of AFP. So now we have Mr. Phillips arriving in Wisconsin to protest his disdain for unions and openly declaring “his group is already working with activists and state officials in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.” Did you notice the operative words there? He said he was working with “state officials.” Furthermore, the AFP will be setting off a week long assault of advertisements in support of Governor Walker. 

So, the next time you see a mom and pop ad, with the people trying so hard to sound like us little common folk and they are extolling the benefits of drilling, the evils of universal health care, that there is no such thing as green house gases, global warming is a fallacy or how horrible unions are to state governments, remember one thing….in all likelihood these advertisements are being financed by the good old boys….David and Charles Koch. 

Are you tired of being addicted to Koch? Kick the Koch habit and fight long and hard for the working class citizens in the United States of America! Remember people, there are many more of “US” than there are of them.

Written By: Dennis L. Page