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Here is what a newspaper clipping for the time period of The Outsiders’.

Saturday, October 26, 1969                                                                                                                               10 cents

The Tulsa Daily

Teen boys save kids from a burning church

Windrixville- Three heroic boys saved children from a burning church.

            The elementary school, School #15, was on a field trip near St. Andrew’s Church. The three boys were walking and sat the burning church. They ran towards the fire and people were screaming that the kids were inside the burning building. The two boys that went in were Johnny Cade, 16, and Ponyboy Curtis, 14.

            Cade and Curtis went straight into the flames risking their lives. Cade and Curtis took every child and got him out through the window. After every child was out, the roof caved in and Curtis got out. The roof fell in Cade and he is now severely injured.

            Another boy, Dallas Winston who got Cade out when the rood fell on him, has a burned arm. They were both taken to St. Jane’s hospital. Curtis was released after a few hours and Cade is in critical condition. He is paralyzed and has a burned back.

 Jerry Wood witnessed the scene and said, “It was as if the boys were sent from heaven.” Wood was a teacher on the field trip.

            Both boys are wanted in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are involved in a murder but have not yet been proven guilty. It is said that they murdered bob Sheldon, 19 years old, in Mohawk Park on the west side of Tulsa. Cade, Curtis, and Winston are said to be a part of the greasers’ gang.

St. Andrew’s Church on fire in Windrixville Oklahoma.