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When I read this headline in (a website sometimes involving funny news headlines) I had to see for myself if it was true,so I looked it up.

Yes, I looked it up. Yes, it’s true. A month ago, Yvonne Studly hit a moose with her vehicle, thus breaking her wrist, arm and hand, fracturing five of her ribs and causing bleeding in her brain. The moose, who was pregnant, died on the spot. After the accident, Yvonne was transported to the Vancouver General Hospital.

A few days later, Everitt, her sister, was driving to the hospital to see her sister, who now awoke from her coma, when she turned around a corner at 70 mph and, in an amazing coincidence, hit what she described as “a brown blur”. Yet again, a moose was hit and the woman was sent to the hospital, although, this time, with minor injuries.

In an interview taken later,  Everitt stated that the first thought that came to her mind was ‘Are the moose going out [on a] hunting season for my family?’ but I say, please, stop killing moose and learn how to drive, because of you a moose is dead.

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