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5 Rap Beefs That J Prince Should Fix Next

by Kevin Woodward

Recently, Kanye West and Drake compressed their beef entirely many thanks to J. Prince and currently both are intending on having a Larry Hoover advantage show on behalf of initiatives to release the well-known gang leader. Below are a few other infamous rap beefs that J. Prince ought to interfere in.


Everywhere Azealia Banks goes, she welcomes dramatization. Azealia has actually been in so lots of beefs that her Wikipedia web page checklists virtually 50 celebs she’s fought with. Among the names are heavyweights like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Rihanna, and obviously, Cardi B Azealia is a queen of beef, and she’s most likely thinking about who she’s mosting likely to call out next off.

Before their 2018 competition, points were currently rough in between both rap kings. Drake would at some point sustain a determined fight with Pusha T going back to2011 Both events remain to trade minor shots, with one of the most substantial one touchdown in 2018, thanks to Pusha T.

This beef was just one more among Tekashi‘s concepts, as the duo traded social media put-downs for weeks after Tekashi examined YG‘s credibility.

After the New York rap artist mosted likely to prison on racketeering charges, YG called him out for being a snitch and getting his whole gang tossed in prison. A year later on Tekashi was revealed as a government source and indicated in open court against his previous gang.

It’s not on a daily basis a rap beef transforms physical, however it’s also rarer that it occurs at a Harper’s Bazaar New York Fashion Week celebration, hint Nicki Minaj and Cardi B After circling around each other and sending out stabs on tunes and social media, the 2 lastly met up on that evening in New York. Apparently Cardi was disturbed that Nicki resembled tweets and remarks on-line regarding her being a poor mother.

Security actioned in prior to Cardi can get a hand on Nicki, however she tossed her footwear at her anyhow. Cardi left with a knot on her temple and that was background

50 Cent and Ja Rule‘s beef go back to around 1999 when Ja Rule was supposedly burglarized for his chain at gunpoint by a partner of 50 Cent. Points later on heightened with diss documents 50’s “Life’s on the Line” and with Fif eventually being stabbed by a Murder Inc. associate at a recording workshop in New York City.


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