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AOC Accused of Ripping Off ‘Tax the Rich’ Design from Single Mom

by Anthony McKenzie


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s Met Gala outfit appears like a carbon duplicate of one designer’s very own brand name– at aleast according to the designer, however, she does not desire a battle … simply a collab.

An IG account that bears the name, Velvet Bandit, posted pictures of AOC in her “Tax the Rich” gown compared to some art work she declares to have actually created … and states something looks a little too similar. Particularly, she’s focusing on the font style and words themselves.

VB writes, “@AOC marched at the Met Gala using a gown made by @aurorajames that looks hella comparable to my layout.”

Velvet proceeds by claiming her very own “Tax the Rich” point went viral on TikTok after placing her design around Sausalito, CA, and she includes … “This outfit births the very same similarity as my handwriting.” Seems threatening, however she calms down.

The road artirst does not appear especially litigious … stating she appreciates both AOC and the designer of her outfit, Aurora James, and would absolutely want nothing greater than to collaborate with them.

She states she’s a lunch girl and a single mama, and does not have the time or impact to attempt to connect to renowned individuals for jobs.

Instead, she’s asking individuals to tag and/or share this with the congresswoman and her designer, including … “They require a women road musician dealing with their group, dontcha assume? It would certainly be an honor. Certainly they have wonderful preference.”

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