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Blake Shelton Annoying Kelly Clarkson on ‘The Voice’ with His Jokes?

by Anthony McKenzie

According to a report from a well known entertainment new site, The Voice judge, Blake Shelton’s may be annoying fellow colleague, Kelly Clarkson with his excessive jokes about her.

National Enquirer recently published a story with the headline “Blake’s Barbs Bite!” The story insists that Clarkson was distraught by Shelton’s latest remarks on singing reality show. Shelton’s use of the words “Hollywood” and “too busy” with regards to Clarkson’s availability for the show was a bit to extreme. Apparently, she took offense as the comments pretty much intruded into her well-guarded personal life.

It’s no longer news that Clarkson has been locked in divorce proceedings with enstranged husband Brandon Blackstock, and cares for her two kids. Notwithstanding familial concerns, the acclaimed singer has kept on working on The Kelly Clarkson Show alongside filling in as a mentor on The Voice.

The article also claims that Clarkson’s uneasiness also stems from the fact that her soon-to-be ex works for Starstruck Entertainment, which reps both Shelton and his future Mrs (also a Voice mentor) Gwen Stefani.The Voice has gained popularity ever since airing for the first time in 2011 mostlly due to the harmless banter between the coaches/judges.The playful prodding and teasing are a major reason for the show’s success. Shelton’s sass is common eleme nt of the show and Clarkson has always shown that she is capable of bantering with him.

Clarkson has reacted to Shelton’s latest remarks saying “she has the time to do everything and nail it.” This atleast shows that her confidence hasn’t been brought down by her colleague’s snarky remarks.

National Enquirer is, however, not new to over-sensationalization of news regarding Kelly Clarkson. In December 2020, the online news platform asserted that Clarkson was leaving The Voice. That report was proven to be false and there is no reason to think it isn’t that same now.

The site also once claimed that Clarkson was at risk for losing her syndicated program due to her weight, which also was discredited after a little scrutiny.

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